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President Vucic meets with Erdogan and Izetbegovic


A tripartite meeting was held in Istanbul with Turkish President Erdogan, Bosniak member of the Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) Presidency Izetbegovic and Serbian President Vucic on Monday. Vucic stated that Serbia respects the territorial integrity of BiH and that the only request is that Serbs in the Serb Republic and in BiH feel safe. He reported after that the conversation was “good and open”, and added that “our agreement is that whatever happens and however it happens – peace and stability must be preserved”.

BiH’s fight against human right’s violations


Peter Van der Auweraert, head of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) mission in BiH and the Minister for Human Rights and Refugees, Semih Borovac, met to discuss an adequate response to the migrant crisis and the increasing influx of migrants. A special emphasis was placed on the growing issue of Roma children smuggled to Europe, an issue that, according to Minister Borovac, will be faced in cooperation with Roma organizations in order to prevent it. Van der Auweraert has also praised the attitude of members of the Border Police of BiH towards migrants who have stated the respectful treatment they receive from border guards.

Message to politicians from Head of OSCE Mission to BiH


With upcoming elections in BiH, Ambassador Bruce G. Berton, Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH, has sent a strong and decisive message to all politicians: the rhetoric of division must be put aside. Ambassador Berton indeed asserted that the politicians have the responsibility to create a favorable political climate in order to achieve a higher level of prosperity and security in BiH, and ultimately improve the quality of lives of its citizens. Though the international community is willing to support political leaders in finding compromises, progress must be achieved by political leaders.

European Council: constitutional reform needed in BiH


The Council of Europe has stressed the necessity for BiH to adopt a Constitutional Reform to allow democratic institutions to function properly. The Commission is especially concerned about the use of nationalist and ethnically colored rhetoric in the political discourse, urging the country to establish a zero-tolerance regime on hate speech. Amongst the recommendations, the Parliamentary Assembly has called on the authorities to accelerate the fight against corruption and to intensify the efforts to implement the remaining accession obligations.

BIH; “this country is not a cradle of terrorism”


Petar Ivancov, the Ambassador of Russia to BiH, had an interview with  Serbian edition of Sputnik on several topics. Dealing with the influence of Russia in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he said that Russia wants to be part of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s development but not in a bad way, they want to make the relations between the two countries stronger and they want to create mutual benefits. He said that Russian government is actually supporting the country and it’s not against any of the people it’s made of. Talking about NATO, he said that the Russian position in this regard is already known: they are against NATO development in Balcans because they think that this won’t make this countries stronger. He also added that this kind of decision is up to the people of the country and they had the chance to notice that there’s no unity in Bosnia and Herzegovina in this regard. The Ambassador added something about Muslim community in the country: it was noticed that a lot of peope from Bosnia and Herzegovina joined terrorist in Siria and Iraq but he underlined that this is a problem of every european country, so Bosnia and Herzegovina is not an exception. He also added that Russia is totally supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina’s integrity.

Minister Crnadak in New York: There is a Consensus for Cooperation with NATO


The minister of foreign affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Igor Crnadak said, during a meeting of foreign ministers of the American-Adriatic Charter (A5), whose host was the Macedonian foreign minister Nikola Dimitrov, that there isstill no consensus regarding NATO membership but there is a full consensus for different kind of cooperation with NATO itself,  including activating the Membership Action Plan (MAP). Crnadak added however that Bosnia and Herzegovina is keeping on making reforms, expecially reguarding European area and european integration. The US assistant secretary of state Hoyt Brian Yee, who met Crnadak after the meeting, also attended the meeting.

BiH, Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo missing on the NATO Map


The prime minister of Albania Edi Rama said at a meeting of the NATO Military Committee said that Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo are still missing from a NATO map. According to the Albanian news agencies ATA, this territories that should be involved more in European area are seen as vulnerable by other political actors. The chairman of the NATO Military Committee general Petr Pavel thanked Albania for its committment in safeguard of security in Afghanistan and Kosovo. Pavel stressed as well the role of Albania in fighting ISIS and keeping peace in the Balcan area.

Skaka – Tarlos Meeting: Agreement on “Days of Sarajevo in Budapest” reached


The mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka met with the mayor of Budapest Istvan Tarlos at the sidelines of the Second Forum of Mayors of Capital Cities of Central and East Europe and China: as the matter of facts, the cities have twin relations since 1995. The ambassador of BiH to Montenegro Dorde Latinovic was there as well. The two majors talked about how to make relationships between cities stronger. Skaka invited Tarlos to visit Sarajevo on April 6th, which is the Day of the City, and invited the Budapest Philharmonic on May 9th, the Day of Europe and the Day of Victory over Fascism, to have a concert in Sarajevo as well.

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