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Iraqi troops arrest last Islamic State Wali in Mosul city


MOSUL – On Wednesday, police officer Eyad Ramzy from Nineveh announced to al-Sabah, a semi-official newspaper, that the Iraqi security troops arrested the last Islamic State governor with his two brothers in Mosul city: “Saleb al-Eslahi and his two brothers, Ahmed and Suleiman, were nabbed at a village in Mosul with fake IDs in their possession”, as he said. The trio was referred to the authorities concerned for interrogation. Ramzy also added that the forces found huge amounts of explosive materials and weapons belonging to IS militants buried under the ground at Ayn al-Jahesh village in Mosul. “The explosive materials were estimated at 90 tons”, as he said. On Tuesday, a curfew was imposed in four districts in Mosul city in search of criminals. Despite the declaration of the victory over the Islamic State in Mosul, the group’s former bastion in Iraq, observers assume that the IS militants constitute a security threat even if they have been defeated at their main havens across Iraqi provinces. Police forces launched a manhunt for criminals, who are wanted on terror charges and also the Iraqi Air Forces are taking part in the security campaign.

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