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Ahmed Adhoum

Ministry of Religious Affairs preparing new law on mosques


The Minister of Religious Affairs Ahmed Adhoum said Saturday his department is currently working on the development of a new mosque law . “The ministry is developing a new vision on the law organizing mosques, especially as the law of May 3, 1988 on mosques is considered” too repressive”.”The 1988 law came in a delicate political context. It was developed in a hasty manner, neglecting several aspects related to mosques,” he said, citing, for instance, the definition of this place of worship, its role and its areas of intervention. For his part, Mahbouba Chartaoui, Deputy Director of Legal Affairs at the Ministry of Religious Affairs, found it “essential” to revise Articles 10 and 11 of this law, stating that the new draft law on mosques will be the subject of wide consultation that will bring together Imams and preachers, civil society and representatives of mThe minisinistries.

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