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Central African Republic requests DRC to extradite antibalaka leader


The Central African Republic made to Democratic Republic of the Congo (RDC) an extradition request towards “Romaric”, one of the leaders of the groups anti-Balaka of the city of Bangassou in the south-oriental CAR (the anti-Balaka’s groups compete with the armed rival Fulani or pro-muslim). Romaric is runned away from CAR since december 2017 and gone to the close Democratic Republic of the Congo, and then here he was arrested. “They were arrested by the Congolese army in Buta, in the province of border of Bas-Uele, in the North of the Democratic Republic of the Congo” told on Friday to AFP Florence Marchal, spokesman of the mission UN in DRC, Monusco. The leader anti-balaka was considered in prison for war crimes, murder and criminal plot.

Top US officials to visit Islamabad with tough message from President Trump


Senior US officials are expected to visit Islamabad at the end of this month and earlier next month amid reports the officials will deliver tough message by President Donald Trump to the Pakistani officials regarding the circumstances surrounding the fight against terrorism. The officials have told AFP that Secretary Tillerson will arrive in Islamabad later this month while Secretary Mattis’s visit is scheduled for the next month. According to the officials, the two senior US officials will deliver the message by President Trump that the alleged Pakistani state support for militant groups has to end. This comes as Pakistani foreign minister Khawajah Asif last week visited Washington amid reports he was invited by Secretary Tillerson for bilateral talks. However, reports indicate that the tensions still remain high between the two nations, mainly due to the safe havens of the terror groups in Pakistan. Secretary Mattis earlier had warned that President Donald Trump is prepared to take whatever actions are necessary if Washington’s efforts fail to work with Pakistan in Afghanistan.

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