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Taliban insurgents are pushing to capture Farah city


Some officials showed concern over Farah city’s  collapse to the Taliban insurgents, while security officials saying no such thing gone happen. “Last year, the Taliban militants were very close to provincial capital—Farah City, but faced utterly defeat” the provincial governor spokesman Naser Mehir said.  As part of their failure in last year, now the Taliban insurgent will do everything under their capacity to gain control of the province, Mehri said. Moreover, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said that everything is under control. “In the past one week, the Afghan security forces killed more than 55 Taliban insurgents, and wounded 31 others in separate crackdowns against the militants”, MoD Deputy Spokesman, Mohammad Radmanish said. He added “The Taliban insurgents already received tooth-breaking response. The province will not collapse” However, the provincial council members reported that the Taliban insurgents are pushing to capture Farah City after a week of clashes with the security forces. They also reported casualties of the Afghan security forces by the Taliban.

Afghanistan: 96 insurgents killed


Afghan National Army (ANA) in collaboration with Afghan National Police (ANP) and National Directorate of Security (NDS) personal has killed at least 96 militants and wounded other within in past 24 hours. In Achin 21 Daesh fighters were killed; 24 insurgent killed and 9 others wounded in Ghazni; 15 Taliban insurgent were killed and 11 wounded in Badakhshan; 14 rebels killed and 17 wounded in Farah; 7 insurgent killed and 7 arrested in Helmand. Similar, 6 Taliban fighters were killed and 7 others wounded in Baghlan, 4 insurgents were killed and 3 others wounded in Kunduz, 2 militants killed and 1 wounded in Chora district of Urzgan, 2 insurgents killed in Shirzad district of Nangarhar and 1 Taliban fighter was killed in Qaisar district of Faryab.
ANA discovered and confiscated weapons and ammunition in the operations as well.

Attack at Afghan market


At least five civilians were killed when three mortar shells hit local market in Khwaja Sabz Push district, police said on Tuesday. A local police spokesman  said five people, including women and children, got killed and around 50 other got wounded in the incident.
There has been no claim of responsibility, but the local administration is blaming the Taliban for the attack.
The market hit by the mortars is located only meters away from the district administration compound.
Abdullah Masoumi, the district governor, said the rockets were fired by the Taliban, and the attack may have targeted a provincial delegation, including the governor, building it hit the Bazar.
This comes a day after two similar rockets landed inside the diplomatic enclave in the capital Kabul, but caused no human loss.

Afghanistan: new strategy for peace


The High Peace Council (HPC) said it has outlined a new strategy as part of the peace and reconciliation efforts with the armed oppositions including the Taliban. Habiba Sarabi, the Deputy Chairperson of the High Peace Council said  that last year, for six months the HPC worked hard for peace and bringing stability in the country. The strategic objectives in the new policy include negotiation with armed people who fighting against the government, national consensus and monitoring on the political agreements agreements between the government and oppositions. Sarabi stressed that they have set up some advisory boards for the High Peace Council including women, youth and religious scholars boards as a move to take the public advisory for peace process. “We have to change culture of violence to culture of peace, from homes, villages and local level”, Habiba Sarabi said.

Afghanistan: 7 policemen killed in Farah


A member of Farah Provincial Council said that Seven Afghan police officers were killed by Taleban  while two surrendered. The attack took place early in Friday morning while the policemen were in their highway security checkpoint in Bala Buluk in Farah provinces. The Taliban insurgents also took all weapons and ammunitions with them, he said, adding that Taliban insurgents also sustained casualties. However he gave no exact numbers of Taliban insurgents killed or wounded. The official said that Taliban were equipped with modern weapons, and that’s the main reason of wars in the province. However, in a separate incident, the Afghan security forces have killed three Taliban insurgents in Qala-i-Kah district of the province.

Afghanistan: pakistani artillery killed one and wounded 8


In Kunar province, a woman was killed and eight other civilians were killed in artillery shelling from the other side of Durand Line, the international border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
This is not the first time that Afghanistan is attacked attack from the other side of the Durand Line. In fact, in some parts of Nangarhar and Kandahar province a brief clash also took place earlier last year between the Afghan and Pakistani forces. The Pakistani officials said that the security forces were only responding to the militants attack, but  the local officials in Kunar province saying that thousands of rounds of artillery and rockets have been fired on different parts of Kunar province since the start of the current Afghan year.

Afghanistan: three Taliban arrested


The security forces have arrested three key members of the Taliban in Southeastern Paktika province of Afghanistan. According to the Ministry of Interior, the militants were arrested from the Zeruk district. He also said that one vehicle, one radio handset and some amount of ammunition seized as well.
The group was the main planner and organizer of terrorist and destructive activities, armed assault and explosions in different parts of Paktika province.
The Taliban insurgents have not commented the fact yet.

US Launches Airstrikes in First Operation Targeting Afghan Opium


The United States has launched its first counter-narcotics military offensive in partnership with local allies in Afghanistan to try to deprive the resurgent Taliban of its largest source of funding. The move follows years of criticism that international forces are not doing enough to curb the opium trade. Speaking in Kabul Monday, General John Nicholson, commander of U.S. troops and NATO’s Resolute Support military mission, shared details of the coalition’s first overnight counter narcotics airstrikes. He said the bombing campaign destroyed major Taliban narcotics production facilities in Helmand, the main poppy producing southern Afghan province, depriving the insurgent group of major revenues. “Our estimates indicate that more than $200 million from this illegal economy was going into the pockets of the Taliban”, the general noted.


Top US officials to visit Islamabad with tough message from President Trump


Senior US officials are expected to visit Islamabad at the end of this month and earlier next month amid reports the officials will deliver tough message by President Donald Trump to the Pakistani officials regarding the circumstances surrounding the fight against terrorism. The officials have told AFP that Secretary Tillerson will arrive in Islamabad later this month while Secretary Mattis’s visit is scheduled for the next month. According to the officials, the two senior US officials will deliver the message by President Trump that the alleged Pakistani state support for militant groups has to end. This comes as Pakistani foreign minister Khawajah Asif last week visited Washington amid reports he was invited by Secretary Tillerson for bilateral talks. However, reports indicate that the tensions still remain high between the two nations, mainly due to the safe havens of the terror groups in Pakistan. Secretary Mattis earlier had warned that President Donald Trump is prepared to take whatever actions are necessary if Washington’s efforts fail to work with Pakistan in Afghanistan.

ISIS emerged under US watch in Afghanistan: Karzai


Former Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai has alleged that US armed forces are aiding Daesh or Islamic State in Afghanistan as the extremism has increased in country after their presence. Questioning that extremism has increased despite US presence, Karzai said, “The US came to Afghanistan to bring peace and stability and defeat extremism yet we have more of it today. Why? That is what we should be discussing”, Karzai said. “Clearly bombings, killings, prisons and the harassment of people in Afghanistan have not worked”. He added that now the US, under President Donald Trump’s South Asia policy, is doing the same to Pakistan to “prevent integration and economic development in this region” involvement in Afghanistan. The US president had also lambasted Pakistan for offering safe havens to “agents of chaos”. Karzai added that the common point between Pakistan and Afghanistan regarding Trump’s policy was that both countries recognise it will not help matters in Afghanistan. “We don’t want to be tools in big games where we get stepped on for the objectives of others”, Karzai said. “Pakistan did the same to us, but we do not want to do this to Pakistan”.

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