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Former Afghan intelligence chief against safe zones for Taliban

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After Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s demands for the establishment of the safe zones for the Taliban, the former Afghan intelligence chief and leader of the Afghanistan Green Trend movement Amrullah Saleh reacted negatively in an online statement posted on his official Twitter account. He warned that the deal would create a national issue similar to Durand Line agreement. He underlined that the deal would mean that the Durand Line would further pushed to the gates of Kabul and the agreement will be similar as that of the Gandomak treaty. Speaking during a press conference in Kabul, the leader of Hezb-e-Islami pointed towards his recommendations for the safe zones for Taliban and said such zones should be created to help protect the Taliban group members and their families who are willing to join peace process. He rejected the notion that Hezb-e-Islami supports the handover of the control of certain provinces to Taliban.
However, the Taliban group has refused to partecipate in direct peace talks with the Afghan government and insists on direct talks with the US, even if the Afghan government prepared to identify the group as a political group if it refrains from insurgency and join peace talks.

12000 Afghans in Pakistan and Iran jails


Over 12,000 Afghan nationals are imprisoned in different jails in Pakistan and Iran. The Minister of Refugee and Repatriation said that over 7,000 Afghan nationals are currently suffering in Pakistani jails while 5,124 more in Iranian prisons. However, recently more than 600 Afghan prisoners have been transferred to Afghanistan from Iran. Afghanistan has signed an agreement with Iran to transfer prisoners. At the same time some politicians believe that the government should establish a special court to look after cases of Afghan prisoners after transformation. “A special court should be formed so it could assess cases of the prisoners and then take a decision”, Abdulhadi Arghandiwal, head of a Hezb-e-Islami political party said. But so far, no agreement signed with Pakistan to facilitate exchange of Afghans prisoners.

India, Afghanistan agreement of development project


Indian and Afghan signed agreements for the implementation of 108 community development projects in Afghanistan and the projects valued at $31.33 million will be executed in 31 provinces. Manpreet Vohra, Indian Ambassador to Kabul said that these projects will improve the life of those people who are living in the remote areas of the country. Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah added that he praised India’s economic and political support for Afghanistan and called on those countries involved in destabilizing Afghanistan to support the war-torn country, referring to Pakistan.

Trump rejects peace talks with Taliban in departure from Afghan strategy


U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday rejected the idea of talks with the Taliban after a series of deadly attacks in Afghanistan, in an apparent contradiction of his own strategy to end America’s longest foreign war. Trump condemned the militant group for the carnage in Kabul and pledged to “finish what we have to finish”. Trump’s comments suggest he sees a military victory over the Taliban, an outcome that military and diplomatic officials say cannot be achieved with the resources and manpower he has authorized. When he announced an increase in U.S. troops to Afghanistan in August, U.S. officials said the goal was to force the Taliban to negotiate a political settlement.

U.S. dismisses Pakistani assertion that American missiles hit Afghan refugees


The United States on Thursday dismissed a Pakistani allegation that an American drone had fired missiles at an Afghan refugee camp in Kurram district, in the lawless regions bordering Afghanistan. At the same time, Pakistani security officials who sought anonymity because they were not authorized to disclose the information said the drone strike had killed two members of the militant Haqqani network, which is allied with the Afghan Taliban. Although allies in the war against Islamist militants, the two countries are currently at loggerheads after Washington suspended nearly $2 billion of aid, accusing Islamabad of supporting Taliban militants wreaking havoc in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: 96 insurgents killed


Afghan National Army (ANA) in collaboration with Afghan National Police (ANP) and National Directorate of Security (NDS) personal has killed at least 96 militants and wounded other within in past 24 hours. In Achin 21 Daesh fighters were killed; 24 insurgent killed and 9 others wounded in Ghazni; 15 Taliban insurgent were killed and 11 wounded in Badakhshan; 14 rebels killed and 17 wounded in Farah; 7 insurgent killed and 7 arrested in Helmand. Similar, 6 Taliban fighters were killed and 7 others wounded in Baghlan, 4 insurgents were killed and 3 others wounded in Kunduz, 2 militants killed and 1 wounded in Chora district of Urzgan, 2 insurgents killed in Shirzad district of Nangarhar and 1 Taliban fighter was killed in Qaisar district of Faryab.
ANA discovered and confiscated weapons and ammunition in the operations as well.

Attack at Afghan market


At least five civilians were killed when three mortar shells hit local market in Khwaja Sabz Push district, police said on Tuesday. A local police spokesman  said five people, including women and children, got killed and around 50 other got wounded in the incident.
There has been no claim of responsibility, but the local administration is blaming the Taliban for the attack.
The market hit by the mortars is located only meters away from the district administration compound.
Abdullah Masoumi, the district governor, said the rockets were fired by the Taliban, and the attack may have targeted a provincial delegation, including the governor, building it hit the Bazar.
This comes a day after two similar rockets landed inside the diplomatic enclave in the capital Kabul, but caused no human loss.

Afghanistan: 7 policemen killed in Farah


A member of Farah Provincial Council said that Seven Afghan police officers were killed by Taleban  while two surrendered. The attack took place early in Friday morning while the policemen were in their highway security checkpoint in Bala Buluk in Farah provinces. The Taliban insurgents also took all weapons and ammunitions with them, he said, adding that Taliban insurgents also sustained casualties. However he gave no exact numbers of Taliban insurgents killed or wounded. The official said that Taliban were equipped with modern weapons, and that’s the main reason of wars in the province. However, in a separate incident, the Afghan security forces have killed three Taliban insurgents in Qala-i-Kah district of the province.

Khawaja Asif says Islamabad attempting to start Afghan peace process


The foreign minister of Pakistan Khawaja Asif has said Islamabad is attempting to resume the Afghan peace process in a bid to end the ongoing violence in the country. Asif, quoted by local media outlets, has said Islamabad has called for a meeting in Muscat of Oman and has requested all the concerned groups to participate in the talks. He said Pakistan is keen to play a crucial role being a member of the Quadrilateral Coordination Group which was formed to kick start the Afghan peace talks. The last meeting of the group ended without any breakthrough to start the Afghan peace process after the Taliban group responded the peace calls with unprecedented violence. The group staged some of the largest attacks last year including a major attack on the VIP protection unit that left scores of people dead or wounded. The attack forced the Afghan government to withdraw from the peace efforts and opted a strict military option against the group. In the meantime, Islamabad is informing regarding the efforts to resume the Afghan talks at a time when pressures by Washington is on the rise, mainly due to the sanctuaries of the Taliban and Haqqani terrorist network.


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