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Iran accuses U.S. of bullying tactics at Security Council meeting called to discuss unrest in Iran


The Iranian ambassador to the United Nations on Friday accused the United States of abusing its power as a permanent member of the Security Council during an emergency meeting called by the Trump administration to discuss unrest and protests in Iran. Gholamali Khoshroo said the protests that have roiled Iran over the past week were an internal domestic affair, outside the mandate of the Security Council. He cited a long list of protest movements in the United States, including Occupy Wall Street, anti-Vietnam protests at Kent State University in 1970 and the subsequent shooting deaths of students, and the recent protests over the killing of African Americans by police officers. Khoshroo said for Washington to call a meeting to discuss Iranian protests was a “preposterous example” of U.S. bullying tactics at the United Nations and added that it had “lost every shred of moral, political and legal authority and credibility in the eyes of the whole world.

Trump may order 200,000 Salvadorans to leave U.S.


The Trump administration faces a Monday deadline to decide the fate of nearly 200,000 Salvadorans who have been living in the United States under temporary legal immigration status for nearly two decades. The Department of Homeland Security said Friday that Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had not yet made a decision on whether to end the program, which would force those people back to their native El Salvador or become undocumented immigrants if they choose to remain without legal protections. Recent moves by President Trump, who favors lower levels of legal immigration, suggest the Salvadorans’ protections are in peril.

Opposition deputies report “looting” in several states of the country


CARACAS – Several looting and looting attempts were made this Thursday in the midst of the economic crisis affecting Venezuela, where protests have also been made over the lack of food and other shortages, according to some opposition deputies on their social networks. The parliamentarian Juan Pablo Garcia indicated in his Twitter account that there are “looting and attempts to loot across the country” and that in Maturin, capital of Monagas state, these events occur “despite the number of police officers” and of the National Guard that “guard” the markets.

Meade responds to AMLO about security figures in CDMX


The PRI candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, José Antonio Meade , responded to Andrés Manuel López Obrador , who assured that during his administration he managed to reduce the security indexes in the country’s capital and stressed that between 2000 and 2005 the country’s capital It rebounded in the homicide index. “Some people propose security recipes that have not yielded results before. Between 2000 and 2005, the participation of the CDMX in the homicides of the country, as well as kidnappings, extortion and car theft increased, “said the PRI candidate through his Twitter account.
NATION: Venezuela

In Rio de Janeiro, ‘complete vulnerability’ as violence surges


Violence is shaping Rio de Janeiro community’s life. Since the end of 2016 Summer Olymipics Game, Rio is plagued by a sharp rise in violence and lawlessness reminiscents of the dark periods of 1980s and 1990s. Since 2008, In order to prepare the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics Games, government launched a programme to secure Rio’s favelas, establishing a system of community policing. For few years this programme seemed to work and a 10billion dollars investment in infrastracture was financed, giving the hope that Olympics could create better conditions and reduce inequality. It didn’t work and the main reason was the massive corruption which completely ran out the money. Now, the violence and criminal activities are increasing and the social context is shaped by complete vulnerability, denounced Antonio Carlos Costa, head of Rio de Paz, an association that give support to the victims of violence.



 Trump Promises ‘Major Sanctions’ in Response to North Korea ICBM Test


U.S. President Donald Trump says “major sanctions” will be imposed on North Korea, after Pyongyang tested an intercontinental ballistic missile that experts say is likely capable of hitting anywhere in the U.S. mainland. In a tweet Wednesday, Trump said he spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping about the “provocative actions” of North Korea. He again vowed that the “situation will be handled,” but did not elaborate. “President Trump underscored the determination of the United States to defend ourselves and our allies from the growing threat posed by the North Korean regime,” the White House said in a statement on the call with Xi. The readout also said Trump “emphasized the need for China to use all available levers to convince North Korea to end its provocations and return to the path of denuclearization.”
North Korea on Wednesday said it tested a Hwasong-15 missile “tipped with a super-large heavy warhead which is capable of striking the whole mainland of the U.S.”

Trump looking to stop sending weapons to Syrian Kurdish fighters


Trump makes surprise deal. Turkish leaders said Monday they fully expect the United States to follow through on president Donald Trump’s surprise pledge last week to stop sending weapons to Syrian Kurdish fighters. American support might not matter all that much to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, as some of the group’s leaders say they would be willing to join forces with the Syrian government if their demands for a federal state in the north are granted by Damascus. It’s unclear what Syria’s allies in Iran or Russia think of that plan, as they’re working with Turkey to forge some sort of settlement to the fighting. Either way, trouble lies ahead. In a region awash in weapons, the Kurds will likely find ways to keep the flow of weapons coming. FP’s Paul McLeary visited a U.S.-run training camp for the SDF in northern Syria earlier this year, where the Kurds said they fully expected to have to fight the Turks once they expelled the Islamic State from their country.

 Trump declares North Korea state sponsor of terrorism, triggers sanctions


President Donald Trump put North Korea back on a list of state sponsors of terrorism on Monday, a designation that allows the United States to impose more sanctions and risks inflaming tensions over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons and missile programs. The Republican president,  said the Treasury Department will announce additional sanctions against North Korea on Tuesday. “In addition to threatening the world by nuclear devastation, North Korea has repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism, including assassinations on foreign soil”, Trump told reporters at the White House. “This designation will impose further sanctions and penalties on North Korea and related persons and supports our maximum pressure campaign to isolate the murderous regime”,  Trump, who has often criticized his predecessors’ policies toward Pyongyang, said the designation should have been made “a long time ago”.

Palestinians threatened to suspend all communication if US closes PLO mission


The Palestinians threatened on Saturday to suspend all communication with the United States if the Trump administration follows through with plans to close their diplomatic office in Washington. The potential rupture in relations threatens to undermine President Donald Trump’s bid for Mideast peace: a mission he has handed his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said the U.S. decision was “very unfortunate and unacceptable,” and accused Washington of bowing to pressure from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government “at a time when we are trying to cooperate to achieve the ultimate deal”. The administration announced late Friday that the Palestinians had run afoul of a legal provision that says the Palestine Liberation Organization cannot operate a Washington office if the Palestinians try to get the International Criminal Court to prosecute Israelis for crimes against Palestinians. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson determined that the Palestinians crossed that line in September, when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on the court to investigate and prosecute Israelis, according to State Department officials.

Turkish minister: Muslim cleric infiltrated the U.S


A Turkish minister says the “American system” has been infiltrated by a Muslim cleric blamed for last summer’s failed coup. Foreign Minister M. Cavusoglu told journalists Friday that cleric Fethullah Gulen “has entered American missions here through the local staff,” referring to the arrest of a local staff member of the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul in October for alleged links to Gulen. The minister also said Gulen infiltrated the U.S. judicial system by pointing to purported links in the controversial case of Turkish-Iranian businessman Reza Zarrab, charged by an ex-U.S. attorney for evading sanctions on Iran. Cavusoglu said Preet Bharara was “very close” to Gulen and used the same indictment prosecutors filed against Zarrab in Turkey after corruption allegations shook the country in 2013. Gulen denies involvement in the coup.

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