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Cayetana Aljovín: Peru and China will continue to deepen their strategic relationship


The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cayetana Aljovín, said today that Peru and China will continue to deepen their strategic relationship and friendship bond. Aljovin held a bilateral meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi today, in the framework of the Forum of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) and China, which takes place in Chile. At the meeting of foreign ministers a road map was agreed on 2019-2021 that will guide the actions that allow deepening cooperation and investment in both blocks, among other issues. As part of the meeting, Aljovín also held bilateral meetings with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Heraldo Muñoz.

Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación increased violence in Mexico: WSJ


The number of homicides in Mexico rose in 2017 to its highest level in recent decades, largely as a result of a powerful and relatively new band of drug traffickers that expanded its operations throughout the country, says the US newspaper The Wall Street Journal. The Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) is a fast-growing drug trafficking organization in Mexico and is largely responsible for the increase in violence the nation has suffered since 2015, as Mexican security officials have stated.

Xi Jinping calls on Donald Trump to revive economic dialogue programme


In their first phone conversation this year Chinese President Xi Jinping told US President Donald Trump to resume talks to improve economic ties between the two nations, both countries should take “constructive measures” to open their markets to each other and “broaden cooperation” to address their trade and economic issues.
The request arrives while tensions rise over the huge imbalance in Sino-US trade.
China’s trade surplus with the US in fact grew to a record US$275.8 billion in 2017, counter to Trump’s goal of narrowing the US trade deficit with China.

Hawaii says lack of adequate fail-safe measures led to false missile alert


Human error and a lack of adequate fail-safe measures during a civil defense warning drill led to the false missile alert that stirred panic across Hawaii over the weekend, a state emergency management agency spokesman acknowledged on Sunday. Elaborating on the origins of Saturday’s false alarm, which went uncorrected for nearly 40 minutes, spokesman Richard Rapoza said the employee who mistakenly sent the missile alert “has been temporarily reassigned” to other duties.

US and Canada will host North Korea nuclear meeting


The United States and Canada will co-host an international summit on the North Korean nuclear threat in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Tuesday, as tensions on the Korean Peninsula settle into a steady simmer while direct talks between the north and the south continue. The summit comes at a critical time. But with diplomats’ attentions absorbed by the delicate talks between the two neighboring countries – which were initially focused on North Korea’s participation in the upcoming Pyeongchang Winter Olympics but have since broadened – some analysts are skeptical that much will come out of the Vancouver meetings.

Sharper State divide in Congress seen as ‘New Civil War’


A potential backlash from the new tax law and President Trump’s unpopularity in Democratic-leaning states could combine to turn swaths of blue America even bluer in this year’s elections, a development likely to deepen already intense polarization in Congress. Recent retirement announcements of two senior House Republicans from California put control of their seats in jeopardy and, coupled with some recruiting failures, exacerbated Republican fears of steep midterm losses. The prospect of multiple Republican defeats in California as well as New York and New Jersey threatens to diminish the already thinning ranks of more centrist Republicans.

Maduro: Dismantled “terrorist” group was financed from Colombia


The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, assured that the group of insurgent officials that was dismantled on Monday after a confrontation that left at least two deaths prepared an attack with a “car bomb” and was financed from Colombia. “We learned that they had prepared a car bomb to exploit it before an embassy of a beloved and prestigious country that has its representation here,” said Maduro during the presentation of his Report and Account 2017 to the National Constituent Assembly (ANC).

Arequipa earthquake: Peru Gov’t remains attentive, at service of citizens


Prime Minister Mercedes Araoz affirmed Peruvian State remained attentive and at the service of citizens after a 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit the coast of Arequipa region early Sunday. The aim was to assist those affected and prevent families from spending the night in the open air. According to the senior official, the Government declared a state of emergency in the affected area to take swift action and repair the damage caused by the seismic event.

The dialogue between the Government and the opposition will continue this Saturday


The delegations of the dialogue between the Government and the opposition gathered in the Dominican Republic, did not reach an agreement and will meet again this Saturday, after two days of “intense negotiations”, according to the minister of foreign relations. from the Caribbean island, Miguel Vargas. The official spokesman of the Venezuelan government, Jorge Rodriguez said after the meeting that it was “a profoundly intense and productive day”, where the parties are “very close to reaching a definitive agreement of coexistence and peace among the political sectors”, in addition to affirming that “extremely important progress was made at the confluence points”, without specifying what they were.

Colombia: ‘Despite difficulties, there is recognition of the UN’, said María Emma Mejía


In order to learn first hand the progress in the implementation of what was agreed between the Government and the Farc, the General Secretary of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres, will arrive on Saturday in the country. The Colombian ambassador to that body, María Emma Mejía, told EL TIEMPO that for the UN the normative development of the agreement is one of the most “successful” elements of the process with the Farc and, possibly, Guterres make a new call so that the Government and the ELN return to the table of conversations.

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