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EPN analyzes new deployment of federal forces in the country


In a meeting with the National Security Council (CSN), President Enrique Peña Nieto analyzed on Monday the details of a new deployment of federal and state forces in different entities of the country with the aim of fighting organized crime gangs and decrease with this is the high impact crimes. According to the official statement of the Presidency of the Republic, during the meeting in Los Pinos, the president welcomed the new heads of the Ministry of the Interior, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, and the Center for Research and National Security (CISEN), Alberto Bazbaz.

Table with the Eln will remain suspended after attacks


The suspension of the dialogue table with the ELN after the attacks of this guerrilla group, has put suspension points to a negotiation marked by the slow advance in the agenda agreed between the national Government and this guerrilla. Confirmed the authorship of the attack against the police station of Barranquilla, which left five agents dead and 14 wounded, President Juan Manuel Santos closed the door to a new cycle of conversation until the ELN shows no coherence between his words of peace and his Actions.

U.S. dismisses Pakistani assertion that American missiles hit Afghan refugees


The United States on Thursday dismissed a Pakistani allegation that an American drone had fired missiles at an Afghan refugee camp in Kurram district, in the lawless regions bordering Afghanistan. At the same time, Pakistani security officials who sought anonymity because they were not authorized to disclose the information said the drone strike had killed two members of the militant Haqqani network, which is allied with the Afghan Taliban. Although allies in the war against Islamist militants, the two countries are currently at loggerheads after Washington suspended nearly $2 billion of aid, accusing Islamabad of supporting Taliban militants wreaking havoc in Afghanistan.

On Mideast visit, US house speaker vows to confront Iran


U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan came to the United Arab Emirates on Thursday promising to take a harder line on Iran’s ballistic missile program and its regional proxies, and saying he was open to imposing new economic sanctions. His Emirati hosts couldn’t have been happier. “We could have given that exact same speech”, Emirati Ambassador to the U.S. Yousef al-Otaiba said. Gulf Arab nations, which view Iran as a regional menace and opposed the 2015 nuclear deal, have welcomed the hard line adopted by the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Congress. But there are differences lingering beneath the smiles and handshakes, including over Washington’s alliance with Qatar, which is being boycotted by the UAE and three other Arab nations.

Trump threatens to pull aid to Palestinians if they don’t pursue peace


U.S. President Donald Trump threatened on Thursday to withhold aid to the Palestinians if they did not pursue peace with Israel, saying they had snubbed the United States by not meeting Vice President Mike Pence during a recent visit.Trump, speaking after a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the World Economic Forum, said he wanted peace. However, his remarks could further frustrate the aim of reviving long-stalled Israeli-Palestinian talks. Palestinians shunned Pence’s visit to the region this month after Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and vowed to begin moving the U.S. embassy to the city, whose status is at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Spain will respond with “proportionality and reciprocity to Venezuela”


The Spanish Foreign Minister, Alfonso Dastis, announced that Spain will respond ” with proportionality and reciprocity”, after Venezuela declared as persona non grata the Spanish ambassador in Caracas, Jesús Silva Fernández. The statements were made in the Swiss city of Davos, where Dastis attends the World Economic Forum. The head of Spanish diplomacy rejected accusations of “interference” proffered by the Venezuelan government, since the only thing that Spain has done since the beginning is “help the process” of negotiations between government and opposition, reported Efe.

IMF expects Mexico’s inflation to slow ‘drastically’ in 2018


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Thursday that the improvement of the Mexican economy expected for 2018 will include a deceleration of inflation and highlighted the exit of the recession in Brazil, but warned about the electoral uncertainty and projected a new collapse in Venezuela this year. The IMF gave more details of an advance of its updated prospects for Latin America that it published this week, in which it raised its economic estimates for Mexico and Brazil based on the expansion in the United States and the rise in the prices of raw materials. In Mexico, the Washington-based agency said that “inflation is projected to drop drastically in 2018 as the effect of the increase in domestic prices for fuel last year fades.” The Fund did not provide projections of price developments.

U.S., EU discordant notes on Jerusalem underline Mideast policy rift


In a fresh display of Western discord over Middle East peace efforts, the United States said on Monday its Israel embassy would move to Jerusalem by the end of 2019, while its European Union allies voiced support for East Jerusalem as capital of a Palestinian state. Vice-President Mike Pence, visiting Jerusalem, announced the timing of the move in a speech to Israel’s parliament, earning applause from Israeli legislators but also stirring a brief protest by Israeli Arab lawmakers, who held signs reading “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine”.

Syria offensive: US seeks to address Turkey’s ‘legitimate’ security concerns


The U.S. is willing to work with Turkey to adress its “legitimate” security concerns in northern Syria, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said. He was speaking after Turkey’s military incursion into northern Syria to fight the Kurdish YPG militia at the weekend. Turkey sees the group as terrorists, but they have been crucial in a US-led coalition against the Islamic State (IS) group. Ankara said the US had to stop backing the YPG if they wanted cooperation.

End to government shutdown in sight as Dems halt filibuster


Congress sped toward reopening the government Monday, as Senate Democrats dropped their objections to a temporary funding bill in return for assurances from Republicans leaders that they will soon take up immigration and other contentious issues. Senate Republican leader McConnell’s commitment to quickly tackle the issue of immigrant “Dreamers” was contingent on Democrats providing enough votes now for a stopgap spending measure lasting a little less than three weeks. The measure needed 60 votes, and Democrats provided 33 of the 81 it got. Eighteen senators, including members of both parties, were opposed.

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