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Israr Karimzai, “Pakistan behind Kabul attack”


According to the Patriotic Movement of Afghanistan, terrorist attack on peaceful Kabul Sit-in has been carried out by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Senior leadership of the movement, slammed Pakistan for conducting terrorist and destructive activities in Afghanistan and systemic genocide of ethnic Pashtun, Baloch and Hazara populations in Pakistan. A central leader of the movement, Israr Karimzai, said Afghans were at Kabul-Sit-In to mobilize the general masses in support of Afghan-led peace process. He said Pakistan’s notorious intelligence Agency ISI carried out a heinous act of terrorism against the peaceful and impartial Sit-in. He demanded the international community to recognize and enlist Pakistan as a terror sponsor state and impose economic and diplomatic sanctions on it. Abasin Barial, another central leader of the movement called on Taliban to embrace the comprehensive and precondition talks offer extended by the National Unity Government and put an end to war in the country.

Aimal another member of the movement, demanded the government to launch probe into the incident and further unmask Pakistan for its terrorist involvement in the country. Dr. Naeem Afzali from the Hazara community said Afghans on both sides of the Durand Line could not be separated by the imaginary lines. He said Afghans stand behind the Pashtun Long March and its leadership and endorse their legitimate demands of right to life and freedom. The press conference was attended by more than five hundred activists and politicians, including Zakia Wardak, chairperson of the Afghan Samon Society.

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