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Germany: scandal about exhaust fumes tests on humans and animals reaches Volkswagen top managers


The emissions scandal at Volkswagen will cost a high-ranking group manager the office. Thomas Steg, former spokesman for the Federal Government and today chief lobbyist of the automaker, is giving up his post for the time being. He had offered his release itself, said Volkswagen. The board had agreed to that on Tuesday. Steg was released as a general representative for the group “until the complete clarification of the events of his duties”. With his leave of absence pulls Volkswagen according to own data “first consequences” from the controversial exhaust gas tests, which were recently publicized. Nitrogen dioxide is the focus of the emissions issue. For years, Volkswagen had been manipulating diesel test results in the US in order to cover up the fact that the limits for harmful nitrogen oxides had been exceeded many times over. The group said it would continue to work on the investigation of the controversial emissions tests. “We are in the process of thoroughly examining the work and to draw all the necessary conclusions from it,” said Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller. “Mr. Steg has declared to take full responsibility”.

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