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Cavusoglu, US chose wrong partner


Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has said the U.S. has chosen the “wrong partner” in the fight against Daesh terror group in Syria as he referred to the YPG/PKK terror group. To the New York Times, Cavusoglu said: “American reliance on the People’s Protection Units (YPG) is a self-inflicted error when the United States already has a capable partner in Turkey. “We have no doubt that the United States will see the damage this policy is inflicting on the credibility of the NATO alliance and correct its policy by putting its allies and long-term interests first again”. He said Turkey, however, could not afford to wait for “eventual and inevitable course corrections”. Cavusoglu said: “The victory against the group could not have been possible without Turkey’s active contributions”. In the article, Cavusoglu talked about how an impasse between U.S. and Turkey. He said the YPG/PKK terrorists across the borders in Iraq and Syria were using weapons and training provided by the United States. About the Operation Olive Branch, he said that Turkey will continue the operation until terrorist are wiped out. Furthermore, according to Cavusoglu, Turkey will not consent to the creation of separatist enclave or terrorist safe heavens.

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