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Yemen: last reports from war


As lasted reported by a military official, on Thursday the Houthi army and popular forces  foiled two attempts of US-backed Saudi-paid mercenaries to infiltrate into army sites in Taiz province. The mercenaries was inflicted heavy casualties in Dhubab, Bir-Basha, and Osaifra fronts during their infiltration attempts. Furthermore, three civilians were killed and two others injured when the US-backed Saudi-led aggression airstrike hit their car in Jawf province. On Wednesday, President of the Supreme Political Council Saleh al-Sammad met with sheikhs and notables from Sanhan tribe of Sanaa province. In the meeting, the President and Sanhan’s sheikhs discussed the developments at the national arena in light of the US-Saudi-led coalition’s war on the country and its plots that aimed to undermine Yemen’s security and stability. Mr. President praised the sheikhs and sons of the district for their solidarity and popular cohesion in resisting the foreign invaders.

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