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Is Turkey advancing in Syria with German tanks?


On Saturday Turkey started its second campaign in northern Syria. In their offensive against the Kurdish militia YPG also german Leopard 2 tanks are in use. An armament expert from the German Armed Forces confirmed that the tanks Leopard 2 A4 showed in the pictures are from German production. The federal government did not want to confirm the reports. “Apart from the images from the media that you all know, we have no own insights into the use of Leopard tanks”, said Defense Department spokesman Holger Neumann. From 2006 to 2011, Turkey received 354 Leopard 2 tanks and has more battle tanks than the German Army. The restraint of the Federal Government in view of the continuing Turkish offensive is increasingly met with criticism. “The federal government should unmistakably condemn the violent war of aggression of Turkey”, demanded the left-wing faction leader in the Bundestag, Sahra Wagenknecht.

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