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US suspends destruction of chemical weapons under invented pretext – Defense Ministry


Under an invented pretext, the United States has first suspended and now stopped destructing own chemical weapons, Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Saturday. Earlier, a senior State Department official said that Russia has allegedly “used every opportunity at its disposal to protect the Assad regime in its continued use of chemical weapons”. “In line with the commitments under the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Russian Federation has in advance completed destruction of the entire stockpile of its chemical warfare agents. In the meantime, the United States under invented pretexts has first suspended and by now has stopped implementing its commitments due to ‘lack of funding’ and thus keeping about ten percent of their stockpile of toxic chemicals and special munitions battle-ready”, the Russian defense ministry said. “Therefore, before coming forward with evidence-free accusations against Russia, moreover, before lambasting anyone at international forums, US counterparts should themselves be – but not pretend to be – an example for the world concerning a responsible attitude to the implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention”, it said.

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