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Desperate scream of Half-Witted Dotard


The official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Rodong Sinmun, said that recently Trump, who is crazy about the hostile policy toward the DPRK, tweeted that he has a “big and strong nuclear button”. Trump’s bluff is regarded by the DPRK as just a spasm of a lunatic frightened by the might of Juche Korea and a bark of a rabid dog. Experts on the Korean issue said that it is not fitting for the president to put the dangerous and serious issue like a nuclear war on twitter and it is an irresponsible behavior leading the situation to the brink of a war. The U.S. shouldn’t doubt even a bit the DPRK’s nuclear deterrent bolstered to settle the showdown with the U.S. but behave with prudence.

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