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Central Bank of Tunisia:the trade deficit widens to historical highest level


The trade deficit widened, at the end of the 11 months of 2017, to reach a historical highest level, 14,362MDT against 11,628MDT, a year before, said the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT), Thursday, in a note of economic conjuncture. Total imports increased at a faster pace than exports, at 19.2% and 17.3%, respectively, resulting in a deterioration in the coverage rate (68.3 percentage points against 69.4 percentage points) by the end of November 2016).”The record trade deficit bears the mark, essentially, the maintenance of deficits in the energy balance and that of the food balance at high levels. The BCT reported, in this context, a good performance of exports of the sector of mechanical and electrical industries which seems to benefit from the recovery of demand of Euro zone, Tunisia’s main trading partner. On the other hand, the underperformance of the mining, phosphates and derivatives sector continued with sales falling by 3% at the end of November 2017 against a technical rebound (+ 42.3%) over the same period of 2016, and despite the resumption of production in the mining basin.

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