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ISIE President announces decision to change municipal election date


The President of the Republic will sign the call of citizens to vote for the date fixed by Isie and the government commits to the date chosen by Isie and its immediate publication in Jort. The ARP promises no date for the adoption of the law on the organization of local authorities. The meeting-debate between Isie and the political parties, held yesterday, publicly, in the presence of the media, in a hotel in Raoued, has solemnly collected the position of each political party about the date and conditions of the organization of municipal elections, the first after the revolution. All parties were invited but only twenty asked and spoke.After the words of the President of Isie, the representatives of the Assembly, the Government and the Presidency of the Republic formulated the position of their representatives, before giving the floor to the parties. Nahdhaoui MP Habib Khedher spoke on behalf of the PRA to indicate that the Assembly had fulfilled its legislative commitments with regard to the municipal elections and that it is now focusing on the finalization of the draft law on the Code of Local Government. He promised a substantial acceleration so that the adoption of this law could precede the holding of municipal, without, however, give a date or promise that it effectively precedes these elections. Speaking on behalf of the government, the Minister Mehdi Ben Gharbia said that the government has no preferential date to propose and that it applied to facilitate the task to Isie, whatever the date chosen by the latter, which is the prerogative. On the suspicion of “interventionism” attributed to the government by certain policies or media, articulating on the non-publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Tunisia of the announcement of the date fixed by Isie, the 25 March, Ben Gharbia recalls that the legal deadline, of three months, still runs.

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