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Commander: Foreign countries support terrorist acts in border areas


On Tuesday, Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour, Commander of IRGC Ground Force, had a meeting with Qamar Javid Bejwa, Pakistan Chief of Army Staff General. During the discussion, General Pakpour evoked profound historical and cultural ties between Iran and Pakistan, underlining that the current Middle East’s instability and increase of terrorism are linked to the US and the Zionist regime’s actions. He also said that terrorists and bandits’ movements in border areas of Iran and Pakistan are monitored by Intelligence services of trans-regional countries and he stressed that the intensification of cooperation, sharing experiences and training among armed forces of Iran and Pakistan could guarantee security of mutual borders and the failure of terrorists and trans-regional enemies. Given repeated failures of Daesh in Iraq and Syria, they are trying to find new substitute areas to be deployed, so everybody should be aware and aware that the Takfiri terrorists cannot find new ones. To overcome the problems created by terrorist groups in the border areas, Islamabad has increased forces on the region to reduce terrorist movements and establish its control on the area. During the three-day stay in Iran, General Bejwa and his delegation have many consultations with political and military officials about some of the most important goals: bilateral problems, mutual cooperation in the fields of defense, security and politics, sharing experiences and promotion of military, security and defensive relations.

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