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Xi Jinping’s UK visit transformed China-UK relations


October 19 marks the second anniversary of President Xi Jinping’s State Visit to the UK. Bilaterally, President Xi’s State Visit heralded a new era for China-UK relations. The State Visit was the first by China’s head of state in ten years. It took place in the first year of the second decade of China-UK comprehensive strategic partnership. That was an important moment where China and the UK could build on the achievements of the past and herald a coming new era. During the State Visit, China and the UK committed to building a global comprehensive strategic partnership for the 21st Century. The State Visit opened the “Golden Era” in UK-China relations featuring enduring, inclusive and win-win cooperation and raised the banner of consensus and cooperation. President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Theresa May maintained close personal contact, exchanging letters on many issues and having two meetings and one telephone talk. Both leaders reaffirmed the shared commitment to building the China-UK “Golden Era”, which was a strong reassurance for the continued, healthy growth of our bilateral relationship and our ever deepening cooperation across the board. Both China and Britain are permanent members of the UN Security Council and important members of G20. We have maintained sound cooperation on international issues and have more shared commitment to economic globalization, trade liberalization and investment facilitation.

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