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Khawaja Asif says Islamabad attempting to start Afghan peace process


The foreign minister of Pakistan Khawaja Asif has said Islamabad is attempting to resume the Afghan peace process in a bid to end the ongoing violence in the country. Asif, quoted by local media outlets, has said Islamabad has called for a meeting in Muscat of Oman and has requested all the concerned groups to participate in the talks. He said Pakistan is keen to play a crucial role being a member of the Quadrilateral Coordination Group which was formed to kick start the Afghan peace talks. The last meeting of the group ended without any breakthrough to start the Afghan peace process after the Taliban group responded the peace calls with unprecedented violence. The group staged some of the largest attacks last year including a major attack on the VIP protection unit that left scores of people dead or wounded. The attack forced the Afghan government to withdraw from the peace efforts and opted a strict military option against the group. In the meantime, Islamabad is informing regarding the efforts to resume the Afghan talks at a time when pressures by Washington is on the rise, mainly due to the sanctuaries of the Taliban and Haqqani terrorist network.


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