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Biafra: why North is against agitation for secession


Paul Unongo, Chairman, Northern Elders Forum, has stated that the north is against the agitation for a sovereign Biafran state because it did not want Nigeria to experience another civil war. Unongo stressed that the 1967 Civil War was a very bitter experience which led to the death of three million people, and urged the proponents of Biafra to stop trying to break up the nation. The northern chieftain called for a sovereign national conference that would do away with Nigeria’s current unitary structure of government and produce a constitution which would be a true representation of all Nigerians. “We have Nigerians who are committed to this country. But the potentials of this country are being delayed by the people who want Nigeria’s structure to remain unitary system and the people who want Nigeria to be a federation failing to dialogue that will allow the people of Nigeria to talk to themselves”.

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