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President Radev Meets with Bulgarians in Chicago


Bulgaria needs new strategic investors to help transform the business climate in the country, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev said at a meeting with Bulgarians who work for global companies operating in Chicago’s financial city, his press secretariat reported Sunday. In Radev’s words, advertising Bulgaria to the would-be investors should not rely on low labour costs but rather on the quality of human capital, and this requires that the connections between the educational and research institutions and business be strengthened. “Unless they see the opportunities for their career development in Bulgaria, the people will continue leaving the country,” the President noted, quoted by his press secretariat. No institution alone can make Bulgarians abroad return to their homeland: this requires national efforts and the whole society’s responsibility into turning the country into a much more attractive place to live, Radev also said. Earlier in the day, Radev visited the John Atanassov Bulgarian school in Chicago. He thanked the US authorities, the teachers and the Bulgarian community in Chicago for their efforts to preserve the Bulgarian language in the city, and awarded Boyanka Mladenova with the Bulgarian President’s Badge of Honour.

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