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Zawia refinery reported operating normally again after attack by militia


Zawia refinery and its pumping station were said to be back to normal after an attack yesterday by an armed Group. According to the National Oil Corporation, the group forced their way into the refinery’s pumping control early yesterday afternoon and compelled staff to stop pumping fuel through the pipeline to the Tripoli oil depot. Imposing a siege on the refinery, they also prevented trucks taking fuel to the capital.Both diesel and petrol supplies were affected.Warning that the action would result in fuel shortages in both Tripoli and the Jebel Nafusa, the NOC later said that as an emergency measure it would be diverting tankers importing fuel to Tripoli port rather than Zawia.It also warned that it was planning legal action against those responsible and called for national solidarity against them.This afternoon, however, it was reported that following negotiations the siege had been lifted and that the situation was back to normal.


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