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Turkey plays key role in new global ecosystem, Minister Albayrak says


Energy Minister Berat Albayrak elaborated on the recent political and economic developments in the global setting, for which Turkey is considered a key component between the transfer of shift from West to East. He highlighted that the West-centered ecosystem is in the process of shifting toward the East.  This offers great opportunities for countries located on that axis, and Turkey constitutes the backbone of the main belt as a key country in the newly created global ecosystem. Recalling his visits to China and India, the minister highlighted that the visits have opened a wide array of opportunities for successful and productive regional partnerships. Moreover, Turkey is also situated on the Middle Corridor of the Belt and Road Project, initiated by the Chinese President Xi Jinping. As the project aims to connect Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa in terms of logistics and transportation via ports, railways, airports, electrical network and even fiber optic networks, Turkey is working to strengthen its connection to routes via every possible means of transportation.

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