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US discouraging big banks to work with Iran: Nuclear official


The US is trying to poison the business environment and discourage big banks and companies from working with Iran, Iranian vice president said. ‘The US is fear mongering. But in reality they cannot accomplish much. There is a lot of rhetoric, yes. If the US turns those words into real action, we will then have to face a very different situation’, Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi said in an exclusive interview with German Der Spiegel magazine released on Friday. ‘We are continuously assessing if this agreement benefits us, or if the price is too high to stay in the deal. If the United States pulls out of the agreement, but the rest of the countries stay committed – namely Britain, France, Germany, China, and Russia – then Iran would most probably stick with the commitments to the agreement without the US but if the US leaves the treaty and Europe follows, then this deal will certainly collapse and Iran will go back to what it was before and, technically speaking, to a much higher level. As a person who has taken part in these negotiations, I wouldn’t like to see that happen’, he stressed.

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