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Kuwait denies PC statement that its embassy in Tripoli will reopen


Kuwaiti deputy foreign minister Khalid Al-Jarallah has refuted a report from the Presidency Council (PC) that Kuwait is planning to reopen its embassy in Tripoli. Three days ago, in a statement about talks between PC head Faiez Serraj and visiting Kuwaiti ambassador Mubarak Al-Adwani on Thursday, the Presidency Council said on its Facebook page that the ambassador had “praised” the security situation in the capital and said that the embassy would be reopening. Responding to it, Jarallah told the local Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida that no date had been set to reopen the embassy and that the reason Adwani had gone to Tripoli was to inspect the embassy buildings and check up on the situation in the city.In his meeting with Serraj, Jarallah added, the ambassador had simply discussed the situation in Libya.

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