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President of the Supreme Political Council Al-Sammad meets Labuza and members of the anti-aggression Yemeni parties

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During a meeting on Monday between the President of the Supreme Political Council Saleh al-Sammad, Vice-President Qasim Labuza and chairman and members of the anti-aggressionYemeni parties’ bloc, they discussed the bloc’s efforts in strengthening the steadfastness in the internal and external front lines, in particular in the current situation, and the future programs of confronting aggression. On the other hand the President showed appreciation to the parties’ bloc efforts and underlined the inhuman face of the aggression coalition. In fine the parties’ leaders stressed the importance of costant communication between the Supreme Political Council, political parties’ leadership and government the aggression media propaganda and all the attempts to split the national unity.

Yemen govt: Roadmap only way to peace

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On Thursday President Hadi and UN envoy Cheikh Ahmed arrived in Riyadh to discuss key elements of an agreement for a peace roadmap to guarantee a transition to normalcy in the country. Ahmed is trying to continue the political process in accordance with Gulf Cooperation Council sponsored initiative and the United Nations Security Council resolution 2216. The roadmap should deal necessarily with GCC initiative of peace, the National Dialogue outputs and the UN Security Council’s resolutions ( resolution 2216 and Chapter VII of the UN Charter). Moreover to discuss the latest developments in the political,security and humanitarian areas in Yemen Cheikh Ahmed, the Gulf Cooperation Council Secretary General Al-Zayani and Saudi Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir also met in Riyadh.

Roundup: 282 Saudi aggression airstrikes hit Yemen in five days, killing 13 civilians

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During the past five days 282 airstrikes launched by US-backed Saudi aggression warplanes targeted several provinces in Yemen killing at least 13 civilians and wounding 27. In Sana’a province 24 airstrikes hit Nehm district, Daylami air base and the Faculty of Aviation. In Sa’ada province, where several districts were targeted by 55 airstrikes and the warplanes also dropped cluster bombs on two districts, 5 civilians were killed and 10 wounded in air rides by the aggression planes. Moreover 11 raid targeted Jawf province; 68 air raids in Taiz province and in particular in Mokha city; 15 others raids in Mareb province and 36 raids also in several areas of Hodeida port city. Also Hajja, Dhamar and Amran provinces were targeted and civilians were killed and wounded.

Prime Minister Bin Habtoor meets UN official in Yemen

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During a meeting between the Prime Minister Bin Habtoor and the UN Resident Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen McGoldrick, the two talked about the necessity of intense efforts to alleviate suffering of the Yemeni people and to lift the siege of the saudi aggression that hit the humanitarian,economic and health sectors. The Prime Minister stressed the importance of the UN and the international community to pressure on Saudi-led aggression coalition to stop the war and to increase the amount of aid. On the other hand the UN official expressed appreciation for the National Salviation Government’s efforts to facilitate the activity of the humanitarian organizations.

FM calls on friendly countries to help establish peace in Yemen

Concerning the remarks made by the ambassadors of some friendly countries, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said that some of these countries are concerned only of their own intersests but they are not interested in the people of Yemen. The Quarter Countries, as these are called, are not seeking to resore security, peace and stability in Yemen or to solve the problem of millions of homeless and rebuild what was destroyed by the saudi aggression warplanes. Also due to these reasons Yemen asked the United Nations to add Russia to the group of the Quarter countries as a neutral party.

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