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Yemen govt: Roadmap only way to peace

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On Thursday President Hadi and UN envoy Cheikh Ahmed arrived in Riyadh to discuss key elements of an agreement for a peace roadmap to guarantee a transition to normalcy in the country. Ahmed is trying to continue the political process in accordance with Gulf Cooperation Council sponsored initiative and the United Nations Security Council resolution 2216. The roadmap should deal necessarily with GCC initiative of peace, the National Dialogue outputs and the UN Security Council’s resolutions ( resolution 2216 and Chapter VII of the UN Charter). Moreover to discuss the latest developments in the political,security and humanitarian areas in Yemen Cheikh Ahmed, the Gulf Cooperation Council Secretary General Al-Zayani and Saudi Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir also met in Riyadh.

UNICEF: Yemeni children are on the brink of starvation, urged the necessity of vaccinations

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The UNICEF Resident Representative MaritxellRelano said in a press conference held at UNICEF’s headquarter that a large segment of Yemeni children are suffering famine due to malnutrition, which increases also the risk of infections and she added that many children were died in the past two years because of preventable diseases. Moreover due to the arm conflict the number of dead children is exceeding and the UNICEF Resident Representative urged the necessity of vaccinations, such as the one against polio that UNICEF and its partners are doing to children under the age of five, for children across Yemen to save their lives. In fine MeritxellRelano said that UNICEF exerted efforts to reach Mocha city via Hodeida province road or Aden province road.

Yemen: National authorities in Sana'a that refused to receive experts of the UN sanctions committee

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In a statement to SABA an official of the Foreign Ministry denied reports made by aggression media such as Al-Arabiya and al-Hadath about national authorities in Sana’a that refused to receive experts of the UN sanctions committee. Moreover the Foreign Ministry official said that Yemeni Foreign Ministry use official diplomatic channels to be in contact and to deal with the requests of the United Nations and the foreign diplomatic mission. In fine the official renewed the call to the United Nations to lift Chapter VII against Yemen, which is considered a foreign intervention into Yemen internal affairs.

US warns of underwater mines planted by Houthis in Bab al-Mandeb

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In a report issued by the US Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), merchant ships were warned from the danger of mines st by Houthis and militias loyal to former Yemen President Saleh in Bab al-Mandeb strait near the Mokha port entrance. The strait is 25 km wide and is a keypoint for the global navigation and permits merchant ships to sail from the Gulf of Aden to the Red Seaand then to Suez Canal and Mediterrean Sea. Is also key for oil transportation in the Middle East and other regions. The US report also warned about the consequences of the closure of the waterway such as a substantial increase in total energy costs and global oil prices.

Roundup: 282 Saudi aggression airstrikes hit Yemen in five days, killing 13 civilians

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During the past five days 282 airstrikes launched by US-backed Saudi aggression warplanes targeted several provinces in Yemen killing at least 13 civilians and wounding 27. In Sana’a province 24 airstrikes hit Nehm district, Daylami air base and the Faculty of Aviation. In Sa’ada province, where several districts were targeted by 55 airstrikes and the warplanes also dropped cluster bombs on two districts, 5 civilians were killed and 10 wounded in air rides by the aggression planes. Moreover 11 raid targeted Jawf province; 68 air raids in Taiz province and in particular in Mokha city; 15 others raids in Mareb province and 36 raids also in several areas of Hodeida port city. Also Hajja, Dhamar and Amran provinces were targeted and civilians were killed and wounded.

Saudi Arabia's Permanent Commission to the UN hosted a delegation of military experts in New York to restore legitimacy in Yemen

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From February 27 to March 2 the Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Commission to the UN hosted a senior delegation of military experts in New York to restore legitimacy in Yemen. The experts were from the Security Council, UN officials and representatives of international and humanitarian organizations besides the Saudi Ambassador to the UN Al-Moallimi. Experts held several meetings that were also attended by John Ging, operations director of UN office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and representatives of UNICEF, the World Bank and the World Food Program. The meetings focused on coalition objectives and achievements and promoted security and stability in Yemen. Another key point was fighting terrorism in the country and in the region and the experts also pointed to rebel use of children and others civilians as human shields.

Civilians targeted by Saudi air strikes on Yemeni provinces

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Yemeni civilians and their properties were targeted by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets in many provinces. In Sa’ada province saudi aggression missiles fired on citizens’ houses and two strikes were waged on various areas of the province. In Taiz province a woman was killed by a Saudi-paid mercenary sniper and another fighter jets were launched in Hejjah province. Also in Mareb province civilians houses were targeted by Saudi-paid mercenary artillery. Moreover a strike was launched in Jzan province and other three strikes hit Najran province.

WHO support health services in Yemen, KSA provides 12m vaccines for Yemeni children

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A report by the KSRelief declared its financiation to the WHO which allow it to support health services in Yemen. Indeed KSRelief provided health and environmental services to Yemeni governorates in addition to providing principal medical equipment and 12m vaccines to children. This support reached more than 7.5 million benificiaries and through the help of KSRelief, the WHO provided basic health services to refugees and areas that are hard to reach. Through WHO the centre also helped the heath amenities through surgical teams with 39 permanent medical teams and 28 specialized teams sent to variuos governorate. Moreover 12m vaccines were sent to immunize yemeni children against mumps, rubella and whooping cough, tetanus and diphteria.

FM calls on friendly countries to help establish peace in Yemen

Concerning the remarks made by the ambassadors of some friendly countries, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said that some of these countries are concerned only of their own intersests but they are not interested in the people of Yemen. The Quarter Countries, as these are called, are not seeking to resore security, peace and stability in Yemen or to solve the problem of millions of homeless and rebuild what was destroyed by the saudi aggression warplanes. Also due to these reasons Yemen asked the United Nations to add Russia to the group of the Quarter countries as a neutral party.

Gatilov: there isn't only the fight against terrorism in Yemen, but also the intra-Yemeni conflict

At the opening of an annual student conference in Moscow, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gatilov said the humanitarian disaster in Yemen is a tragic catastrophe. In Yemen there is not only the fight against terrorism, but also the intra-Yemeni conflict, which is a serious humanitarian disaster. As Gatilov said about 80 percent of the population in Yemen is affected by humanitarian crisis, but western countries are more focused on what is happening in Syria. Finally he said that a solution should be found.

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