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3 Palestinians suspected of arson detained by Israeli Forces

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Israeli Forces detained three Palestinians over suspicions of starting fires in Jerusalem and Israel on Tuesday and Wednesday, while at least four Palestinians were detained over accusations of smuggling weapons from Israel into the occupied West Bank to support Palestinian political groups. They were taken in for interrogation. In another incident on Wednesday, a Palestinian was detained on suspicions of throwing a Molotov cocktail into the Israeli town of Nataf in central Israel, sparking a fire, according to Israeli news media Ynet.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad may partecipate to Fatah’s 7th conference

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The Hamas movement is currently discussing the possibility of attending Fatah’s seventh conference later this week, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasim told Ma’an on Sunday. The announcement came almost a week after Hamas denied reports that it had been invited to attend the congress. Qasim said that Hamas had recently received an invitation to attend the Nov. 29 event in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Meanwhile, Islamic Jihad spokesman Daoud Shihab told Ma’an that the political faction had also received an invitation to the conference, and that it would send a representative to participate.

16 Palestinians detained by Israeli Police over suspicions of starting fires in Israel

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Between Thursday and Friday, Israeli forces detained at least 16 Palestinians across Israel and the occupied West Bank over suspicions of starting fires that erupted in Haifa and have continued to spread for the fourth consecutive day. Israeli authorities have claimed that the fires were started by “political arson” against the Israeli State. However, other sources have said the fires were likely caused by a combination of extreme winds and a drought.

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