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French PM ruled out Slavery Reparations in West Africa

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French PM Manuel Valls has ruled out the reparations for slavery in an article published as he toured three west African countries. Valls called instead for a students’ exchange program between Europe and Africa and a “memory that is shared and at peace”. Slavery was a “disaster on a grand scale”, he wrote, a “crime against humanity” as “France has fully acknowledged” in a law passed in 2001. But “memory should not divide. It should, on the contrary, close fractures and bring people together,” he went on, citing black anti-colonial writers Frantz Fanon and Aimé Césaire to argue that slavery was “irreparable” and thus rule out financial reparations by the West.

Ivory Coast votes on constitutional changes

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Ivory Coast goes to the polls on Sunday to vote on constitutional changes that President Alassane Ouattara says will help to end years of instability and unrest linked to the vexed issue of “Ivorian-ness”. The draft constitution put forward by Ouattara – which parliament overwhelmingly approved earlier this week – would also create a vice president picked by the president and a senate, a third of whom would be nominated by the head of state. The controversial package of changes has succeeded in both alarming opposition leaders and leaving much of the electorate confused.

Suicide bomber killed outside refugee camp by Nigerian troops

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Witnesses say Nigerian troops shot a man with explosives strapped to his torso trying to enter a refugee camp in northeastern Maiduguri city where another suicide bomber killed five people the day before. Resident Abubakar Gajibo said he saw the bomber walking towards the camp “clearly displaying the strapped explosives on his body”. He said they alerted soldiers who asked the man to surrender and fired when he ran. One explosive blew up and a second was safely detonated.

Chevron Export Pipeline bombed as warning to all International oil compagnie (IOCs)

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The Niger Delta Avengers resumed destruction of oil and gas infrastructure, yesterday, when it bombed a Chevron-operated export pipeline at Escravos in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State. The attack on the major pipeline came as a surprise to security forces in the oil-rich region, as they had lowered their guard in anticipation of a negotiated peace agreement between the militants and the federal government. The militant group claimed its Strike Team 06 brought down the export pipeline at about 3:45 a.m. yesterday as warning to all international oil companies (IOCs) to heed to its warnings not to effect repairs to their bombed facilities pending the negotiations or dialogue with the people of the Niger Delta.

Suspected terrorist recruiter killed in Kilwin

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A man was shot dead by security forces at Kilwin a Ouagadougou neighborhood on the night between Saturday 22 and Sunday, October 23, 2016, announced the Minister of Security Simon Compaoré, who made the trip to the scene. Man shot would be a Burkinabe and a recruiter for terrorist acts. Specifically, according to the Director General of the National Police, Lazarus Tarpaga, he recruited young people who were supposed to attack the positions of Burkina Faso’s army. Residents of Kilwin neighborhood went to the national police to report a recruiting young they deemed suspicious. The investigations undertaken have resulted in the need for action.

Security forces raided on the night of Saturday, October 22 to make arrests. The suspect fled and opened fire on the national police who responded, killing him.

Nigeria: Banned Shiite group appeals in court

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A newly banned Shiite group in northern Nigeria said on Thursday it was appealing in court against the government decision that observers are warning could spark sustained violence. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria said the ban by Kaduna state officials violates Nigerians’ rights to religious freedom. The ban, announced earlier this month, was made official by its publication on Wednesday. Tensions with the Shiite population are high after the army gunned down more than 300 people in an attack in December on the Islamic Movement in Nigeria’s headquarters. The government has said the group provoked the attack, with the military accusing it of trying to assassinate the country’s army chief. A claim that human rights groups have called unbelievable.

83 Nigerian soldiers still missing days after Boko Haram attack

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At least 83 Nigerian soldiers are still missing days after they came under a Boko Haram attack on Tuesday. The latest update from several military personnel, follows the report on how Nigerian troops drowned in a river as they scampered for safety in front of a superior firepower from the terrorists. While about 20 of the fleeing soldiers were later rescued, several others were fatally wounded after Boko Haram opened fire on them when they jumped into the Yobe River. Military sources said the troops could not withstand Boko Haram because they had only two light armour tanks to work with.

Boko Haram: Chibok leader declares that over 100 girls are unwilling to leave the community

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Nigeria’s government is negotiating the release of another 83 of the Chibok schoolgirls, but more than 100 others appear unwilling to leave their Boko Haram, a community leader said. The unwilling girls may have been radicalised by Boko Haram or are ashamed to return home because they were forced to marry extremists and have babies. Bitrus said the 21 Chibok girls freed last week in the first negotiated release between Nigeria’s government and Boko Haram should be educated abroad, because they will probably face stigma in Nigeria.

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