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Venezuela, El Aissami: Extreme poverty was reduced from 10.8% in 1998 to 4.4% in 2016

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Vice President Tareck El Aissami presented data about the social sector in 2016 in front of the Supreme Court of Justice. According to El Aissami, the poverty rate fell to 4.4%, in 1998 it was 10.8%, also thanks to the Bolivarian governments now 90% of Venezuelans are entitled to a pension, even the rate of university enrollment has increased in recent 20 years of 240%, regarding the food sector the CLAP have distributed 900,000 tons of food, from the ’99 wage increases have been 35.

Closure of the border with Colombia for 72 hours might help Venezuelan economy

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Venezuelan President Maduro has ordered the closure of the border with Colombia for 72 hours. The measure, according to Maduro, will help the Venezuelan economy . In fact, the Head of State said that in the Venezuelan border with Colombia there is an intense paper money contraband setting up by Colombian gangs that destabilizes the Bolivar exchange rates. At the same time, Maduro announced the withdrawal of the banknote 100 Bolivar, other measures to reduce contraband.

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