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Houthis threatening strategic starit, warns US general.

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US Central Command chief Gen. Votel told the House Armed Services Committee that the rebels have deployed coastal defense missiles, radar systems and mines, migrated from the strait of Hormuz, threatening free movement into and out the Red Sea. For that reason US Defense Secretary Mattis is increasing military support for the Saudi-led coalition and US Secretary of State Tillerson recommended aiding forces from the UAE driving Houthi rebels from the key port of Al-Hodeidah. Tillerson also said suggested increasing air-to-air refueling and intelligence support to the Arab Coalition. Meanwhile, the UN special envoy to Yemen Cheikh Ahmed, said military operations are escalating and the humanitarian and economic situations are deteriorating in the country, reason why he urged the Security Council to pressure Yemen’s government and the Houthis to proceed with political and security measures, which he prensented.





US ill-conceived policies root cause of tensions in region

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Iranian Foreign Ministry, Bahram Ghasemi, dismissed the head of the US Central Command’s biased and anti-Iran remarks, saying Washington’s wrong policies are the root causes of instability and tensions in the region. He added that the history of US presence in the historical and cultural region is full of irrational and abusive behavior which are the main source of formation of Takfiri terrorism and extremism. Claiming that Iran’s influence is the most significant threat to Middle East security, the Head of the US Central Command (CENTCOM) General Joseph Votel told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday that Iran “aspires to be a regional hegemon and its forces and proxies oppose US interests in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Gaza and Syria, and seek to hinder achievement of US objectives in Afghanistan and some Central Asian States”.


Egypt's army commanders discuss military cooperation with top US general

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Egypt’s Minister of Defence Sedki Sobhi met with the commander of US Central Command (CENTCOM) Joseph L Votel on Sunday to discuss military cooperation between the two countries.In an official statement on its Facebook page, the Egyptian army said the meeting, which took place in Cairo, tackled regional and international efforts to counter terrorism amid latest developments in the MENA region. The senior US commander also met with Egyptian Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Mahmoud Hegazy, the two discussing a number of issues of common interest, including strengthening cooperation in the military field and sharing expertise between the two armies. The meeting was attended by a number of military leaders, according to the army’s statement. “Egypt is one of our most important partners in the region,” General Votel was quoted as saying in the press release. CENTCOM’s area of responsibility covers 20 nations at the intersection of three continents and globally vital commercial sea lanes, flight corridors, pipelines, and overland routes

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