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Libya, Gentiloni: “No military operation”

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Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs turned down a Un campaign. But Libyan national unity looks faraway because of Haftar’s enmity.

“No military intervention has been decided either by the EU or by the UN Security Council”. This Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Paolo Gentiloni said, during Italian television show Agorà, denying armed operation conducted at Libyan coasts by International contingent.

Moreover, Gentiloni stated that any positive resolution of the United Nations Monday, May 18, “only authorizes the confiscation and seizure of boats at sea and the identification through intelligence in territorial waters before they embarked the migrants”. This is because “we have to fight organized crime make it more bearable conditions in the countries of origin.” All European partners “have to share it: but some progress might has been made”, he explained again.

If the Tripoli government Tripoli could accept the International solution, Tobruk government didn’t agree. Khalifa Haftar, Chief of the Armed Forces, said he’s worried about a possible “military action against our shores.” In addition, last Monday he agreed the bombing of a Turkish merchant ship, guilty of “failing to comply with orders not to approach the city of Derna,” the former CIA agent said. After a ship’s crew is killed, Ankara has said that it’ll recur in International court.

This context is not supporting exhausting negotiations conducted over two months since UN delegate Bernardino Leon. His optimism about an agreement between governments and factions clashes with Libyan reality.

Libya reality mean civil war. A civil war which involves even children. After 3 deaths a few days ago, another 7 kids were killed a few hours ago by a mortar round in the city of Benghazi. According to Associated Press, it would be attributable to Islamic State and Ansar al Sharia and it’s involved 8 victims, all from the same family.
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Migrants: Renzi-Ban Ki Moon summit

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The Italian prime minister leaned on the UN Secretary General for international police operation against the boats from Libya.

“Stopping human traffickers in order to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe is an absolute priority, and we count on UN support for this”, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said during the summit with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon EU High Foreign Representative Federica Mogherini. They met on board the San Giusto in Sicily Channel because “I want to physically show him what Italy is doing”, Renzi reiterated.

Migrants slaughter and many landings planned in the coming months made this meeting necessary. After more funding to Triton operation, set last Thursday by the European Council, Italian premier, supported by France, Great Britain and Spain, wishes for an “international police operation” aimed at destroying vessels.

Ban Ki Moon told about an “humanitarian emergency which entire International Community have to answer defending the asylum right. While regarding to Lybian context, Un Secretary General said that “there are no alternatives to dialogue on Libya. Special UN representative Bernardino Leon and his team are following to work with the Libyan sides involved to help them reach together a compromise”, he ended.
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