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Today, marks the 43 anniversary of Saddam Hussain attack on Qalladize.

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April 24, 2017, Marks the 43 anniversary of Qalladize attack, Kurds had gathered in Qalladize city in a remembrance ceremony for the victims of 1974 attack. The ceremony was attended by Governmental official, Kurdish Parties members, families of Anfal victims and a large number of Kurds. The Government of Kurdistan Region with the help of its Vice President Mr. Qubad Talabani had offered the best services for the city and for the victims’ families. At 9.15am on Wednesday 24 April 1974, Qalladze fell victim to Saddam Hussein first airstrike against the Kurds. Rockets and internationally forbidden cannon fires set alight the town of Qalladize, the Ba’athist government had demolished the town of Qalladze killing at least 163 innocent people as well for injuring more than 250 others including students and University teachers. Qalladze means “Castle of Two Rivers” from the Kurdish words Qala= castle, dw= two and ze= river. In the south west of the City there is a small hill between two rivers.







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