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Terrorist attack in a military hospital in Kabul: 49 victims

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The victims in the terrorist attack in a military hospital in Kabul rises to 49. Salim Rassouli, director of Kabul hospitals has confirmed this statements. Gunmen went through the 400 bed, shooting doctors, patients and visitors. The attack on Afghanistan’s largest military hospital, close to the heavily fortified U.S. embassy, underlined warnings from security officials of an increase in high profile attacks in Kabul this year. Survivors have said that it was been difficult understand what happened but then they have seen people with Ak-47 and bombs.

Pakistan temporarily will reopen its borders with Afghanistan

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Pakistan will reopen its borders with Afghanistan, said a government spokesperson on Monday, days after Islamabad closed the Torkham and Chaman borders after a recent surge in terrorist attacks. “The borders at Chaman and Torkham will be reopened on March 7-8”, Foreign Office spokesperson NafeesZakaria said in a statement. “Pakistani and Afghan citizens will be allowed to travel on legal travel documents”. In the wake of bloody suicide bombings last month, Pakistan shut down border crossings – halting trade supplies to the neighbouring landlocked country and stopping movement of the people across the border – increasing tensions between the two nations.

Terrorist arrested by National Guard

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A takfiri was arrested by National Guard units on Friday in Zaafrane (Kebili governorate). He was in possession of a manual of homemade bombs downloaded in his phone. The individual, wanted for belonging to a terrorist organization, was planning a terrorist attack on members of the National Guard and the Army, an Interior Ministry press release read.

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