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Jerusalem light rail attacker says he wanted to die.

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The terrorist who perpetrated Friday’s stabbing attack in Jerusalem was attempting to commit suicide, Israel Hayom learned Sunday. The attacker killed Hannah Bladon, a British exchange student in her 20s, before being apprehended.During the interrogation of Jamil Tamimi, the 57-year-old attacker from the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Ras al-Amud, it emerged that he arrived in Jerusalem on Friday from a mental health institution in the north, a place he had frequented in the past for psychiatric treatment. Tamimi checked himself in a day before the attack, the Walla news website reported on Sunday, but was kicked out for engaging in a violent altercation.Tamimi had also recently been admitted to Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center in Jerusalem, according to Walla. Just a few months ago, while in the hospital, Tamimi tried to commit suicide by swallowing a razor blade. The terrorist also tried to get in touch with his family and his children but refused to meet him. After being neutralized, Tamimi was arrested and taken in for questioning by Jerusalem’s central police unit. The Jerusalem Magistrate Court extended Tamimi’s remand by 10 days on Saturday night.


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