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Nine Yazidis rescued from Islamic State captivity in Syria’s Raqqa.

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Erbil: Nine Yazidis were rescued from Islamic State (ISIS) militants in the militants’ stronghold of Syria’s Raqqa, an official said on Sunday. The head of the Rescue Center for Yazidi Women in Duhok, Hussein Qaedi, told the Yazidis were rescued from the militants in Raqqa on Saturday evening. “Four of them are girls and women and the five others are children”, the Kurdish official added. The Yazidis were rescued by the center, he continued. They were settled in a safe area and they will be transferred to Duhok. According to the official, 2,959 Yazidis have been rescued from IS militants while nearly 3,000 others are still held by the group. Another eight Yazidis, including three children, were rescued from ISIS captivity in March.

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