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Lebanon: Aoun’s stance towards Hezbollah arms could result in UNIFIL withdrawal

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Ambassadors of 6 major countries sounded the alarm Friday over President Michel Aoun’s latest statements about Hezbollah’s arms, amid threats that the the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon or UNIFIL could withdraw its peacekeeping mission from south Lebanon. A meeting was held on February 15 at the United Nations headquarters in Yarze. It included ambassadors of the International Support Group for Lebanon, the US, France, Britain, Germany, Italy and China in addition to the EU ambassador and Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General in Lebanon and Arab League Representative. The meeting addressed three main issues: The upcoming parliamentary elections and the new electoral law, the security situation in Lebanon including backing the Lebanese Army, the International Brussels Conference on the Syrian crisis and the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.Talks highlighted the latest statement of Aoun during an official visit to Egypt, during which they said does not abide by resolution 1701, but merely reflects visions of a single Lebanese party. The US ambassador has however, revealed a tendency to pull the UNIFIL forces from southern Lebanon if the country does not abide by international conventions.

Clashes between Islamist militants and Palestinian faction at a refugee camp in Lebanon, where a power struggle has fueled days of violence.

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At least one man was killed on Tuesday in clashes between Islamist militants and the Palestinian Fatah faction at a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon where a power struggle has fueled days of violence. The Ain el-Hilweh camp, on the outskirts of the southern coastal city of Sidon, has often seen factional disputes spiral into violence. Medical sources said the man killed was a civilian. Three other people, including a child, were wounded. Gunmen from Fatah, the party of West Bank-based Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, have regularly clashed with Islamist militants in the camp, including supporters of Islamic State and al Qaeda. The latest wave of violence began on Feb. 23. The U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which aids Palestinian refugees, said it had suspended all services in the camp on Monday and Tuesday because of the violence.Fatah has an agreement with Lebanese authorities to hand over wanted Islamist militants hiding out in Ain el-Hilweh, which is outside Lebanese security forces’ jurisdiction, a security source said.

The South Lebanon residents protesting Israeli incursions

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Protesting Israel’s recurrent violation against Lebanon’s southern territories, residents of the border town of Mays al-Jabal staged a sit-in in the presence of MP Qassem Hashem and a number of journalists. Israeli troops fired tear gas bombs in the direction of the campaigners to disperce them which led to several cases of suffocation. Meanwhile Israeli airplanes hovered over the region. On Wednesday, a 12-member Israeli force crossed the electronic fence in the outskirts of Mays al-Jabal in the Kroum al-Sharqi area. Troops planted spy devices consisted of a camera and a transmission instrument that are both solar powered. The development comes amid high tensions between Israel and Hizbullah that follow an exchange of threats and amid unconfirmed reports of Israeli airstrikes on Hizbullah posts inside Syria.

Lebanon, Alpina T. Brigade: cardiac screening for students

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The activities performed by Italian Army in favor of local people carry on in South Lebanon.

The staff of the Alpina Taurinense Brigade followed up the activities of medical cardiological screening in synergy with the civil-military cooperation cell (CIMIC), composed of specialists who belong to the Multinational CIMIC Group of Motta di Livenza, and of medical units of “level 1” based in Shama, headquarter of the western sector of UNIFIL, under Italian command.

Students of institutes and schools located in Sothern Lebanon have benefited of medical monitoring, started from the 130 students of Alma Ash Shaab high school. Specifically, about 20 visits were carried out with its track by electrocardiogram and measurement of oxygen saturation, history and physical examination of the carotid pulses. These initiatives are contextualized within the support and assistance activities in favour of local population and institutions promoted by the multinational mission UNIFIL, in execution of Resolution 1701 of the Security Council of the United Nations.

The cardiac screening for children was inaugurated at the ned of last September by the Italian CIMIC staff in the educational center for disabled people of Ayta Ash Shaab, a southern Lebanon village, which houses 123 children aged between 2 and 25 years. Humanitarian interventions carried out by Italian contingent based on site are particularly appreciated by local people, who live in conditions of poverty and instability as a result of repeated conflicts with Israel and because of the near Syrian crisis.

Father Maroun Ghafari, director of the first institute monitored by medical units, expressed heartfelt gratitude to our soldiers for their continued support and attention devoted to his students.
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