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Saudi Arabia dismantles four ISIS cells, 18 arrests

The interior minister confirmed the arrest of 18 individuals in the Kingdom belonging to four islamic state in Iraq and Syria. Fifteen of them were Saudi citizens and the other three were from Yemen and Sudan. During the arrests about two million riyals were confiscated and the spokesperson for Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry al-Turki said most of those arrested supply materials to the ISIS cells in Riyadh. The ministry affirmed that ISIS cells in Saudi Arabia have spread to Mecca, Medina, Riyadh and Qassim regions.

Saudi aggression warplanes continue heinous strikes against civilians

Airstrikes on several provinces by the Saudi-led coalition continue. In Hodeida 3 people were killed in Saudi air raid and in Hjjah province the saudi aggression warplanes launched 18 air strikes, damaging public and private properties. In Mokha district in the province of Taiz 6 members of a family were killed by a Saudi air strikes on ther house. There were also used cluster bombs in Mareb province and 3 citizens were killed and 4 wounded in a Saudi air strike in Baqam district of Sa’ada province.

UN Secretary Guterres: “Saudi’s stability is a model for the pursuit of change and growth”

During his first visit to Saudi Arabia, the UN Secretary General Guterres said “Saudi’s stability is a model for the pursuit of change and growth”. He also added that the cooperation between the Kingdom and the United States is key to fight terrorism. To what concern the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, Guterres expressed the necessity that yemeni parties don’t take advantage of humanitarian aid. On the other hand Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Jubeir remembered the 70 agreements which the Kingdom made with Houthis and ex-President Saleh and that were never implement. Nevertheless the Kingdom will continue send humanitarian aid to Yemen.

Civilians striked again by the saudi aggression warplanes

Civilians are under attack by the saudi aggression warplanes in several governorates. Four rides were waged on Sa’ada district and two others on Kutaf district. Saudi aggression artillery also shelled al-Shiekh area in Sa’ada province. Two airstrikes were launched to Hodeida’s Airport and sea port while in Taiz province the warplanes hit al-Waza’eih district three times. Fighter jets launched 11 strikes in Hajja province, 5 airstrikes in Mareb province and four raids on Najran province.

CIA Director awarded Saudi Prince bin Naif with the “George Tenet” medal

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CIA Director Mike Pompeo awarded Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif with the “George Tenet” medal due to his efforts to fight terrorism. This award is an international recognition of the Kingdom’s anti terrorism efforts under the directives of King Salman. The crown prince also said that fighting terrorism needs international effrots at all levels: financially,intellectually,militarily and through the media. Furthermore the prince declared that the Saudi-US ties are strong and the two sides will not allow anything or anyone to come between them.

President calls UN to stop Saudi aggression on Yemen

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The United Nation were asked by the President of Supreme Political Council, al-Sammad, to oblige the saudi-led coalition states to end the siege on Yemen. The letter sent to the UN also asked for opening the ports and airports for commercial and civil flights (Sana’a International Airport, Taiz Airport, Hodeida Airport). al-Sammad also asked to not extend the term of the current UN envoy to Yemen Cheikh and to form a neutral committee to investigate the saudi aggression coalition’s crime against civilians.

Saudi sentenced to prison for communicating with Daesh via whatsapp

A Saudi national was sentenced for 7 years in prison by the Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh for supporting Daesh and communicating with an official of the terrorist organization via WhatsApp. The man confessed he wanted to join Daesh and do a terrorist operation against Alawites. He also informed people of how to enter Syria via Turkey and used social networks to communicate with the organization. For that reasons he was condemned to 7 years in prison, his mobile phone was seized by the court and his account on the social media application was closed.

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