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Italy's foreign affairs undersecretary sees 'political solution' to Yemen crisis

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During his two-days visit in Riyadh and Jeddah, the italian undersecretary of state met with the UN special envoy for Yemen Cheikh Ahmed and the Secretary General fo the GCC Al-Zayani. Concerning this meeting the undersecretary said in an exclusive interview with Arab News, that “the meeting was to confirm our common work on creating a political order in the Middle East that is now shaken by conflict”. He also added that Italy thinks that the base is in the Kuwait dialogue when the UN proposed a solution that the Houthis did not accept and that Italy stands for political negotiation because other means cost much more and cost human lives. During the interview the undersecretary also talked about the refugees crisis, in particular Syrian ones, and the necessity not only to host them in Europe or in Italy but also to stop the conflict and rebuild the country. Moreover he expressed Italy’s position about Lybia and its efforts to find an internal Lybian political agreement based on the UNSC resolution 259 and to invest in the countries in Africa from which the migrants are running away. In fine the undersecretary discussed launching the Saudi-Italian joint commission to boost the collaboration at an economic and business level with Saudi Arabia, which is Italy’s first economic partner in the MENA region.

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