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Houthis "forbid" UN envoy's return to Sanaa

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Al-Samad, head of houthis leader, has affirmed it is forbidden to UN envoy Ahmed to come back to Sanaa, indeed UN must choose another envoy, who is respectful of Yemeni people. This statement has been followed after the important and relevant incident, which involved Ahmed during the trip to Sanaa. This declaration was considered as a principle of tensions between warring parties and it was considered as a damage to his efforts to peace. UN Envoy, Ahmed, was condemned of not being neutral as he is supposed to be and also not being respectful of UN resolutions. This is not the first attack personally direct to UN envoy. In fact, it is important observing there was a huge manifestation after shooting to UN envoy convoy. His operation to guarantee a discussion table  between warring parties failed.



Houthi militants fire shots at UN envoy convoy in Sanaa Capital

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Houthis militants have fired shots at UN envoy Ahmed, even if there is still no specification about it. The UN envoy has left to Sanaa, today on earlier morning, in order to meet and discuss with the main leaders of Houthis militants to achieve an agreement and establish the ceasefire. Actually, according to some members of Houthis, it was reported, leader of Houthis, al-Sammad has said UN envoy is not neutral, but he is acting in compliance with orders from coalition countries. The actual aim of UN envoy, Ahmed, was to guarantee a dialogue between two warring parties either in Kuwait or in Geneva. The leader of Houthis would have affirmed the request, by UN envoy Ahmed, was still under consideration before his coming to Sanaa.

Yemen tensions between Houthis and Saleh become public

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The head of the so-called Higher Political Council in Sana’a, Saleh, has canceled the decision of appointing Hisham Sharaf as Foreign Minister to take authority of Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. This lead to discover to clash between the Houthi government leader, Saleh, and the head of non recognized organization, Habtoor. Habtoor is actually the Minister of Foreign Affairs and his proposal was to make belong to his party also Minister of International Cooperation and Planning, but the proposal was rejected by the President Saleh.

Beaten until paralyzed: doctor reveals horrors of Houthi torture

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A doctor, who was in August 2015 captured and brought to the jail by the Houthi militias. After being interrogated for hours, he was brought to a van and has travelled all night long in order to reach Sanaa National Security, where he was interrogated for other two days.after this, he was conducted to the jail for 10 months and got free just in April 2016. Once free, he moved to Canada not having anymore the chance of keeping on living in Yemen. There he was able to talk about the horrors, he had seen in the jail, like the man, called Maamary, who was subjected to several tortures (they had burnt him with cigarettes, kicked him or also electrocuted his mouth), until he got paralyzed.

Yemen: National authorities in Sana'a that refused to receive experts of the UN sanctions committee

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In a statement to SABA an official of the Foreign Ministry denied reports made by aggression media such as Al-Arabiya and al-Hadath about national authorities in Sana’a that refused to receive experts of the UN sanctions committee. Moreover the Foreign Ministry official said that Yemeni Foreign Ministry use official diplomatic channels to be in contact and to deal with the requests of the United Nations and the foreign diplomatic mission. In fine the official renewed the call to the United Nations to lift Chapter VII against Yemen, which is considered a foreign intervention into Yemen internal affairs.

Prime Minister Abdulaziz bin Habtour called the first meeting of the newly-formed national salvation government

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Prime Minister Abdulaziz bin Habtour convened the first meeting of the newly-formed national salvation government here in the capital Sanaa to assume responsibilities. The meeting was held on Tuesday after the new cabinet was sworn in before President of the Supreme Political Council, Saleh al-Sammad. The Ministers discussed the priorities of their task and preparation to launch their comprehensive policy to be submitted to the parliament next week.

Security agencies and People’s Committees arrested members of a criminal cell

Security agencies and People’s Committees arrested a criminal cell in the capital Sanaa. The criminals were found in possession of large quantities of explosives, weapons, ammunition and counterfeit currency. The members of the cell were referred to the public prosecution as preliminary investigations were underway which revealed that the cell has been associated with arms dealers. The official also said that the investigations were still ongoing to find out who was behind this cell to catch them and bring them to justice.

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