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Protests with Pakistan about border violations

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The Foreign Minister has presented a formal protest with Pakistan about the border violations and for the closure of Torkham, Spin Boldak, Ghulam Khan and Angur Adda border crossings. Director of the first Political Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mosa Arefi, also expressed deep concern over the persecution and force deportation of Afghan refugees by Pakistan’s government.


Protests across Venezuela

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Yesterday officially ended the final deadline for change banknotes of 100 Bolivar in Venezuela, many citizens of different provinces far from the major centers of the country, Caracas and Maracaibo, have encountered enormous difficulties in change due to the lack of cash at the disposal of the local branches of the CBV . Obviously there have been several protests across the country, also the lack of cash is fueling the affairs of the smugglers, José Vielma Mora, governor of the Federal state of Táchira, on the border with Colombia, told to the press that the security forces arrested 82 people linked to the smuggling of bank notes.

The Brigades of Revolutionaries in Libya want Libya to reject foreign moves to solve country’s political crisis

A group calling itself “The Brigades of Revolutionaries in Libya” rallied with several armoured vehicles in Tripoli’s Martyrs’ Square late yesterday afternoon demanding “all good Libyans” reject foreign moves to resolve the country’s political crisis. Instead they should unite behind national efforts to find a solution. The rally followed an earlier, smaller protest after Friday prayers by some of the same group in the square, but minus the weapons and armoured vehicles. The main rally was followed by a statement of their views on the Tanasah TV channel belonging to the controversial grand mufti, Sadek Al-Ghariani. He too supports national dialogue, firmly rejecting the UN-brokered Libyan Political Agreement and the Presidency Council. While national dialogue was the goal, it was made clear in the televised statement that it excluded Khalifa Hafter and his supporters. The group, linked to the largely now Tripoli-based Benghazi Defence Brigade (BDB) as well as to other radicals operating in the capital such as Salah Badi, described him as a “war criminal”.

800 mannequin limbs outside Russian Embassy to protest for Russia’s actions in Syria

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Russia’s embassy in London has sent a letter to the UK Foreign Office to complain about demonstrators who dumped around 800 mannequin limbs outside the building in protest of Russia’s actions in Syria. It is reported that the protesters were members of Syria Campaign and Syria Solidarity, UK groups that say the mannequins are symbolic of Russia’s campaign in Syria. Russia’s embassy said staff and visitors couldn’t enter the building, while police stood by indifferently. It was the first demonstrate against Russia since UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s call for such demonstrations last month. According to Russian authorities the demonstration was controlled by London’s officials.


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