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2017: NATO would continue supporting NUG

NATO would continue supporting NUG in 2017 too, said a NATO representative adding that it would extend its political, economic and financial assistance to ANSF until 2020. The main goal of NATO, he continued, is to not allow Afghanistan once again to be changed into a terrorist sanctuary and to achieve this goal, NATO will continue its mission in Afghanistan. Although the Afghan government claims that in 2016 war on corruption has been successfully carried out with good outcomes. The Afghan government said that it has established the counter-corruption Legal and Judicial Center (CCLJC) to investigate corruption cases and the CCLJC had proven effective in preventing of corruption. But the NATO emphasizes that the NUG should strongly supervise the Reforms and good government because NUG has pledged to the world community to prevent and take firm steps for restoration of peace. NATO believes that diplomatic channels should be used for settlement of current Afghanistan problems, because war is not a solution.  And for this purpose NATO supports Afghan peace program and NATO has asked the region and payers to take effective role in restoration of peace.

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