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Over 10,000 Nigerian refugees forced out by Cameroon arrive home

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A total of 10,500 of the 79,000 Nigerian refugees have returned to Borno State. The refugees (who flee their home because of Boko Haram)  were forced to return there by the Cameroonian government. Over 100,000 residents of the communities located in the border areas were displaced forcing them to seek refuge in the neighboring Cameroon. The United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) had in March expressed concerns that the forced return of refugees from Cameroon “have continued unabated despite the existence of an accord that allows the facilitation of voluntary return of Nigerian refugees when conditions were conducive”. Mr. Shettima, (Borno State Governor ) expressed regret over the action of the Cameroonian authorities, saying they had dishonored an earlier agreement reached with Nigerian and the UNHCR on the management of refugees: “The Cameroonian authorities have not been honorable in keeping the agreement signed with Nigeria and UNHCR on our people in their country”.


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