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Netanyahu: Gaza war unavoidable, Hamas Blocked humanitarian efforts.

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The 2014 Gaza war was unavoidable and the humanitarian situation could not be improved because of Hamas’ constant exploitation of foreign aid, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Knesset State Control Committee in his fullest explanation yet to criticism of his conduct of the war. “We wanted to do more to help, but Hamas makes these greater humanitarian aid options impossible with exploiting them. Hamas takes 70% of money that comes into Gaza and reinvests into its military threat on Israel”, said Netanyahu. Netanyahu explained that the “price” of reconquest would be too great in expected lost IDF soldiers and expected killed Palestinian civilians. Also, he said “there is no one to give Gaza back to” after a reconquest operation, making it clear that permanent reconquest is not even a consideration for him. The hearing also had several moments of pandemonium and emotional yelling directed at Netanyahu and his supporters, from fallen soldiers’ families.


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