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Eight soldiers killed in ambush by jihadists in central Iraq.

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In the region of Segou, eight malian soldiers died and four others were injuried, according to corresponding sources This attack happened a few days  after the continuation of the state of emergency for a duration of six months by the National Assembly. The attack was led by terrorists in the center of Mali, between Nampala and Diabali. A vehicle of the army was destroyed and an other one taken by the aggressors. Nampala, close to the Mauritanian border, is a city which was aimed by several murderous Jihadist attacks. Certain assaults were claimed by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb ( Aqmi), as in January, 2015, when more than ten soldiers died under the fire of the Jihadist fighters. There are often fights between Jihadists,  malian and military soldiers: five malian soldiers were killed to Gourma Rharous, in the region of Timbuktoo, at the end of the month and the military force Barkhane killed  twenty Jihadists in the southwest of Gao, that’s why the National Assembly decided to extend the state of emergency of six months.

Four soldiers killed in attack attributed to Jihadists

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According to several sources four malian servicemen were killed during an attack imputed to Jihadists in the region of Timbuktoo. The attack aimed at a camp of the malian army at Gourma Rharous, a locality of difficult access, situated in some 120 km east of Timbuktoo. The attack intervened in the neighborhood of 05:00 am (the hour GMT). The army lost four servicemen ( parachutists’ elite unit) and calcined vehicles were visible in the camp. According to a statement made by MINUSMA, the strength of the UN would have displayed its attack helicopters on the scene in support for the malian police army and facilitated the medical evacuation of the wounded persons by air traffic. The UNO army force also states an attack arisen on Tuesday against a vehicle of one of its logistic convoy, ” there was an improvised explosive, in approximately 30 km in the South of Tessali.”

Stockholm, identified the victims. Swedish media: attacker confessed, happy for what he has done.

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Four are the victims of last friday’s attack, and another 15 were injured. The killer, according to leaks from police sources, he was an asylum seeker with jihadist “sympathies”, his application was rejected and he was sought to be expelled. As it’s written in the newspaper Expressen, he is called Rakhmat Akilov and “confessed” to have been him at the wheel of the truck launched into the crowd in the city center. Furthermore, according to Expressen, the attacker said he was also “satisfied with what he managed to do: he accomplished his plan”. But the Swedish press not leaked anything about a manifest intention of the aggressor to have acted in the name of the Islamic State.


ISIS militants are essentially under siege in western Mosul, along with an estimated 650,000 civilians

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U.S.-backed Iraqi forces fought Islamic State fighters on Monday to clear the way to Mosul’s airport, on the second day of a ground offensive on the jihadists’ remaining stronghold in the western side of the city. ISIS militants are essentially under siege in western Mosul, along with an estimated 650,000 civilians, after they were forced out of the eastern part of the city while Iraqi forces have been advancing so far in sparsely populated areas. The fighting is expected to get tougher as they near the city and the risk greater for civilians. to 400,000 civilians could be displaced by the offensive as residents of western Mosul suffer food and fuel shortages and markets are closed, United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq Lise Grande told Reuters on Saturday.

6,000 gunmen are trying to force the corridor towards eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo

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On Thursday, during a press briefing, Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova reported that about 6,000 gunmen are trying to fight their way  towards eastern Aleppo. According to Russian authorities, in Aleppo, Jihadists are attacking from southwest continuing their attempts to force the corridor towards eastern neighborhoods of the city. The tactical direction carried out by Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (former Jabhat al-Nusra) through the central headquarters. Zakharova also asserted that the Russian-US agreement on Syria remains in force and no one has abolished it and the work needs to be continued.

EU security expert: Europe must prepare for jihadist fleeing Mosul

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Europe must be prepared for an influx of Islamic State militants if Iraqi forces retake control of Mosul, the EU’s security commissioner has warned. Thousands of Europeans have gone to Iraq and Syria over the past two years to fight with Isis, but the Islamist extremists have suffered a string of defeats in recent months in both countries. Those defeats have prompted some of its fighters to begin returning to the continent, but about 2,500 European fighters remain in the conflict zones, King told the German newspaper Die Welt.

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