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Pressing ahead with settlements activity may cause a war and the defeat of the Tel Aviv regime

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The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) spokesman reminded the Tel Aviv regime of a certain defeat it will have to suffer in a war that may break out as a result of pressing ahead with illegal settlement construction in Palestine, saying it will result in Israel’s annihilation.
The general described the US refusal to veto a UN Security Council resolution against Israeli settlement activity on Palestinian territory as a sign that Washington has come to realize that the course of events and continued settlement construction will result in the collapse of the Zionist regime of Israel. The UN Security Council condemned the Israeli settlements and continuing construction in Palestinian territory occupied since 1967 as a “flagrant violation” of international law, saying it has “no legal validity”. The vote passed thanks to absence of US veto as it has dozens of times in the past and instead abstained from voting.

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