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Gourma Rharus military camp attacked by terrorists.

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There has  been a murderous attack at a military camp in the region of Timbuktoo. The provisional estimate states 4 killed malian soldiers, 16 others are hurt. The French military force Barkhane led an antiterrorist operation while being at it, and killed several people: the terrorists have moved only around thirty kilometers before being caught up by the soldiers of Barkhane. The French military force quickly mobilized their helicopters and announced to have killed about ten terrorists aboard two pick-up heavily armed. Vehicles had been stolen  in the attack of the camp of Gourma Rharous: the aggressors took all that they could before setting fire besides after intense fights. The attack was claimed in the evening by a new Jihadist alliance in Sahel, the “Groupe de soutien à l’islam et aux musulmans” (Group of support of the Islam and the Muslims).

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