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Everyone but Barzani’s KDP opposes Turkey: PUK’s Adel Murad.

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PUK official Adel Murad criticized Turkey’s attacks on Iraq’s Sinjar (Shingal) and Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) carried out in collaboration with the KDP, and said “The KDP sides with Turkey at a time when the rest of the world opposes it”. Adel Murad, co-founder of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) who is currently heading the party’s Central Council, spoke to ANF on Turkey’s attacks on the Kurds and the KDP’s policies, and emphasized that “the KDP values Turkey, not us”, an approach that bothers the Kurdish people. Murad recalled that Turkey has several military bases in South (Iraqi) Kurdistan, and continued: “Currently, the Turkish state has 19 military bases in South Kurdistan”. Zakho and surrounding territory has become a Turkish base. They are bombarding Qandil and its surroundings every day. They attacked Qereçox two days ago. This area is part of Rojava. Again, they attacked Shengal. The people in Shengal are Iraqi Êzidîs, not Êzidîs from Syria or Turkey. They are all Iraqi Kurds. YBŞ are not Kurds from Turkey or Syria. They are all Iraqi Kurds.


90 percent of displaced residents return back to eastern Mosul

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Ninety percent of displaced residents have returned back to the eastern side of Mosul after return of the main services back to the city, Nineveh province declared. “Basic services like electricity, drinking water and schools returned back to normal in the city. Other services will be provided when funds are available for reconstruction of freed regions”, he added “Liberated buildings in west of Mosul will come into service, in case funds are allocated by the federal government and international donors”, Habbou said. More than 400,000 refugees were displaced by battles between Iraqi security forces and Islamic State militants in Mosul since security operations launched in October, according to Iraqi government and aid bodies. More than 200.000 were displaced from the west since offensives launched in February to retake that area.

Human Rights Watch calls on Iraqi parliament to set penalties for domestic violence

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With Iraq’s Parliament completing its review of the draft Anti-Domestic Violence Law, Human Rights Watch has called on the parliament to make key amendments to the draft law in order to further protect women’s lives. Despite women’s groups campaigning for years for legislation on domestic violence, only the Kurdistan Region of Iraq currently has legislation on domestic violence in place.  The draft law going through the Iraqi parliament does not annul provisions in the Iraqi Penal Code, HRW also noted. The Iraqi Penal Code has provisions that condones domestic violence in the case of so-called honor-based violence.So-called honor-based violence and honor killings remains a problem in both Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, with Zhyan group – a coalition of thirty non-governmental organizations – leading the fight against it in the region.

Germany signed an agreement to provide over $521 million to fund reconstruction Iraqi infrastructure damaged due to the war against the Islamic State

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Germany signed an agreement with the government of Iraq on Monday to provide a €500 million euro (over $521 million) credit facility to fund investments aimed at reconstructing Iraqi infrastructure damaged due to the war against the Islamic State during these years. The funding comes from the KfW Banking Group, with a small team of German officials to advise Iraq on how to distribute it. “We want to help the Iraqi government rebuild public infrastructure so that the people who had to flee IS terrorism can return to their homes” the words of the foreign minister Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel. After he have noted taht the liberation of eastern Mosul marked an important success: “Islamic State cannot be defeated militarily alone” and “More engagement and investment to ensure functioning water and energy supplies and transportation systems are needed to transform these cities and areas into peaceful, vibrant and liveable homelands. The credit, which is the biggest yet to Iraq, came after German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised support to Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Abadi last year.

The Lebanese-Jordanian summit will address the Syrian and Iraqi refugees crisis

The Baabda Presidential Palace has completed arrangements for President Michel Aoun’s trip to Egypt and Jordan next week, his second Arab trip after his election as president. On Monday, Aoun will first meet in Cairo with his Egyptian counterpart Abdul Fattah al-Sisi and Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab. He will later head to the Arab League headquarters for talks with its Secretary-General Ahmed AboulGheit. For their part, Lebanese ministers will hold meetings with their Egyptian counterparts. On Tuesday, Aoun will head to Jordan for talks with Jordanian King Abdullah II. The Lebanese-Jordanian summit will address the Syrian and Iraqi refugees crisis and study the ways to alleviate their impact on the economies of both countries.

al-Abadi stressing once again the policy of neutrality and to steer clear from conflicts, Iraq will stay clear of U.S.-Iran tensions

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Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told state TV on Saturday that Iraq won’t take part in any regional or international conflicts, this after the phone call of Abadi with U.S. President Donald Trump during which tensions with Iran were mentioned. “Iraq is very keen to preserve its national interests (..)and does not wish to be part of any regional or international conflict which would lead to disasters for the region and for Iraq,” he have said. Iran has close ties with the Shi’ite political elite ruling Iraq while Washington is providing critical military support to Iraqi forces battling Islamic State. For politicals commentator “The Iraqi prime minister DrAbadi is stressing once again the policy of neutrality and to steer clear from conflicts”.

Iraqi President and the increase of the oil share for the governorates of Sulaimani, Erbil, Salahadin and Mosul

Iraqi President Fuad Masum requested,during a meeting with Iraqi Oil Minister Abdul Jabar al-Luaibi on Thursday, an increase in the share of oil to five governorates, including Sulaimani, Erbil and Duhok, which suffer from the high price of kerosene as winter temperatures set in across the Kurdistan Region.
“There is a need for the increase of the oil share for the governorates of Sulaimani, Erbil, Salahadin and Mosul,”the official website of the Iraqi Presidency said. Masum and Luaibi also discussed achievements obtained after the production cut of oil and the Iraqi Oil Ministry’s upcoming plans to meet the needs of the country.

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